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Ken Ruth

on 19 May 2017

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Transcript of 1984

Down and Out in Paris and London
Winston Churchill
George Orwell
Hugo Award
Big Brother Propaganda
1984 By: George Orwell
Road Map
8 Original Interview Questions with Answers
Examination of the Value System of the Government
Three Mock Posts
Prophetic Non-fiction Article and Summary
Works Cited
Question 1
Question 3
Question 2
Question 5
Why did you pick Winston Smith as your main characters name?

A. Winston is named after Winston Churchill, who was the leader of a wartime of England and Smith is a very common English last name.
Question 4
What are your inspirations for 1984?

A. I wrote
because during WWII, I saw the horrors of Hitler and his attack on the Jews first hand. This book was trying to relate the horrors of this disastrous event of the Holocaust and the rule of the Nazis over the Jewish people.

By: Chloe Chase, Veronica Perez, Kendall Ruth, and Jade Wada
29 April 2015
Question 6
Did you incorporate any of your life experiences into

A. I've been sick for most of my life including tuberculosis. The results of Winston's torture were reflected by the results I faced.
Question 7
Question 8
What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

A. I won the Retro Hugo Award for Best Novella and the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award
Examination of the value system of the Government
Mock Post 1
Post about Winston's knowledge about what really makes up the Ministry of Truth.
From Winston's inner thoughts the reader can conclude that he is rebellious and his true feelings are anti-party.
Mock Post 2
Post of the words Winston absentmindedly wrote in his journal. From Winston's actions, the reader can conclude that Winston is strongly against the party.
Mock Post 3
Winston's Tumblr demonstrates how he has changed over time.
From Winston's speech and inner thoughts, the reader can conclude that in the end Winston grew to love Big Brother and accept the ways of the Party.
Prophetic Non-Fiction Article

Four different aspects of society #1. Big Brother is Watching You #2. Perpetual War #3. Bread and Circuses
#4. Newspeak
Pictures Works Cited
How old were you when you started you writing career?

A. I was 11 when I started writing for the newspaper, but I was 30 when I officially started my writing career when I wrote my first book
Down and Out in Paris and London
Examination of the value system of the Government (cont.)
Government did not value...
People to go against the Party/ Big Brother
People to be close
People to know/ learn about the past
Who or what got you into writing?

A. I liked reading books and poetry when I was younger and sick. I wrote my first poem when I was four years old.
Monitors people through telescreens
Believe in purity
arrests people who are against the Party
Wanted people to blindly obey and believe everything they are told
Keep people ignorant so they won't rebel
What was your inspiration for Big Brother?

A. I choose Big Brother after Hitler, because Big Brother is a dictator in the book and in real life Hitler was one of the harshest dictators

What was a conflict that you faced while writing
and how did you over come it?

A. My account of 1984 Is based off my hate of Totalitarianism. It is hard for me to share my hate of Totalitarianism. I was still able to write this book, which tells my true feelings about this.

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