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My modern day hero

No description

lola kelly

on 2 February 2014

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Transcript of My modern day hero

My modern day hero
Why is zoella my hero ?
Zoella is my hero for a few reasons.
Firstly, her videos are very helpful, interesting and useful, from a variety of Fashion, beauty and lifestyle. But thats only the beginning!
saying yes!
This is the main reason i find Zoella inspirational and a figure to look up too. She diddnt let anxiety hold her back and she tried out things that most people would let get in there way. She made her dreams possible which i think is motivating.
" Imagine that your brain is filled with hundreds of filing cabinets full of different information. You have memories, things you have learnt..etc. Well there is this cabinet that stores every panic attack
you have. Where you had it, what happened, who you were with, everything. When you re-enter the same place, with the same people, or do the same thing, that cabinet unlocks, and releases the
same adrenaline, and the same emotion. "
Youtube and blogs
Zoella is a huge Youtube sensation with over 3 million subscribers which is a huge amount and a great achievement.

Zoella was recently nominated for BCC Radio 1's Teen Awards under 'Best Vlogger' and won the award. Other winners at the awards where Union J, One Direction, Andy Murray and a whole list more. So you can see what a great accomplishment this was.
By Lola
Birth name: Zoe Sugg
Age: 23
D.O.B: 28th of March 1990
Occupation: Youtuber and blogger since 2009
( 5 years )
The only reason she started her blogs in the first place
is because like me and many others, she suffers from panic
attacks ( aka anxiety ) It was stopping her from going
out with her friends and other involving activities.
so she decided to start her own Youtube channel.
It was then she decided to start saying YES !
This is a quote from Zoella
Anxiety is an awful thing to experience, a feeling that cannot be controlled and you are unaware of it creeping up on you.
Extremely high levels of anxiety can, in a lot of people, aware or not, cause panic attacks.
Most panic attacks on average last between 5-10 minutes.
What is a panic attack?
A sudden feeling of insecurity and dread, an urge to just run away and get to the closet exit that you find. Everything seems so much louder and seems to shrink in size.
"You are like the car in the street whos alarm goes up with the smallest gust of wind, whereas all the other cars take a good beating before there alarms go up"
I know Zoella hasnt dragged people from burning buildings, or changed history, or raised millions of pounds for charrity but shes helped me and for that reason shes my hero
thank you
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