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Gamification Design Framework

Yilmaz Guleryuz

on 12 June 2016

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Transcript of D6

"Gamification" Design Framework
[3] DESCRIBE your players
[4] DEVISE activity loops
[5] DON’T forget the FUN
Use Bartle’s Player types
Engagement Loop
Progression Ladder (Player Journey)
the appropriate tools
Design Framework by Kevin Werbach
D6 Gamification Design Framework has been crafted by Kevin Werbach.
With D6, you start with the objective you want to gamify.
Then, you elaborate under six segments...

D6 is adapted from Werbach's book "For The Win".
<< that prezi prepared by WareNinja.com :: sharing is caring!>>
business objectives
List & Rank possible objectives & tradeoffs
Eliminate Means-2-Ends
e.g. “Badges” aren’t goals but means
Justify remaining objectives
target behaviors
Specific things you want Players to do
Success Metrics (“win states”)
Analytics – Virality, Volume of activity
Virality – friend referrals, etc!
It’s easy to forget; "it’s supposed to be fun!"
Don’t assume the activity is fun in itself
Even LinkedIn’s progress bar can be a bit of fun!
Not only Points-Badges-Leaderboards!!!
Think beyond...
Tap the emotions with;
Relatedness, Social Recognition, Loss Aversion, ...
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