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Sense Of Place - Waterloo, New York

No description

Amanda Kelly

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Sense Of Place - Waterloo, New York

Favorite Foods
Sense Of Place - Waterloo, New York
Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge is located at the north end of Cayuga Lake. It was established in 1938 as a refuge and breeding ground for migratory birds and other wildlife.

The refuge provides resting, feeding, and nesting habitat for waterfowl and other migratory birds. Montezuma is situated in the middle of one of the most active flight lanes in the Atlantic Flyway.

The refuge contains 2,860 hectares (7,068 acres) of varied habitat types from marsh to forest, shrub and grassland.
Foundation of Waterloo
Total population
Female population

Male population
Percent Religious 15.66%
Catholic 2.68%
LDS 1.38%
Baptist 0.61%
Episcopalian 1.13%
Pentecostal 0.13%
Lutheran 0.76%
Methodist 3.10%
Presbyterian 1.95%
Other Christian 3.94%
Jewish 0.00%
Eastern 0.00%
Islam 0.00%

Number %
White 7,326 95.9
Black or African American 118 1.5
American Indian and Alaska Native 9 0.1
Asian 26 0.3
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific 0 0.0
Some Other Race 27 0.4
Two or More Races 136 1.8
Travel Time to Work
Waterloo | NY | National

Total airports 0 (3) 12 354
Total Amtrak train stations 0 (2) 23 711
Average one way commute (mins) 22 29 26
Workers who carpool 8.2% 10.0% 12.7%
Workers taking public transport 0.4% 6.2% 1.8%
Workers who walk to work 4.1% 4.6% 3.3%
Working from home 2.2% 3.3% 3.0%
Coming north from main street you will run directly into my house. I am the one of the closest houses from the center of town.

This building is right across the street from me and has been saved from demolition because it holds such unique history.
Going east on main street you will run into the Memorial Day museum.

Here you will find the history of waterloo and how it relates to such a great day in our history.
Common Plants
All of these birds were seen at Montezuma Wildlife Refuge
Garbage Plates
Nacho Cheese
Energy Use
Environmental Politics
A recent huge debate has been started about changing the transfer of trash to Seneca Meadows from trucks to trains.

The Seneca Falls Town Planning Board last month voted 3 to 2 to approve the rail spur project.

Pro: reduce its carbon footprint by considering rail transport.

Con:The rail plan will cause potential problems for first responders.

Environmental Impacts
Driving A Car
Driving a car in Upstate New York is a necessity. Because we don't have subways or taxis it is near impossible to get from one end of the state to the other.
Garbage Disposal
Solar Power
What I like about Waterloo
I've lived in Waterloo for the last 12 years. I have had many changes in my life moving from house to house but I will always know where my home is. This is the house that I was raised in since middle school but recently had to sell because it was too big (bed and breakfast). I have wonderful memories of my childhood from this house and all the beautiful landmarks of my town.

Even with the blessed memories that I have there are always drawbacks. Because my town is so small my catholic elementary, middle, and high school all closed. I feel like I have lost a part of my past because I will never have that alma mater. That is probably the biggest thing I would change would be to give the option of a catholic education, even if I don't believe in it.

Notable natives: Tom Coughlin, two time NFL Super Bowl Champion New York Giants' coach born here.
Waterloo is in Upstate New York where we experience all four seasons.

Waterloo is special because it very close to Seneca Lake meaning it has lake effect snow.

Therefore winter is really cold and dangerous.
Weather Pattern
Follow your drinking water
Seneca Lake
Water Supply Plant
Seneca Meadows is the largest landfill in New York State and it is conveniently located in my town.

The business is 400 acres (160 ha) of landfill and a 2,600 acres (1,100 ha) facility

The landfill accepts trash from New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

They also Recycle used tires.
Waterloo held the first formal, village wide, annual observance of a day dedicated to honoring the war dead. On March 7, 1966, the State of New York recognized Waterloo by a proclamation signed by Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller.

This was followed by recognition from Congress of the United States when the House of Representatives and the Senate unanimously passed House Concurrent Resolution 587 on May 17th and May 19th, 1966 respectively.

On May 26, 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson, signed a Presidential Proclamation recognizing Waterloo as the Birthplace of Memorial Day

Quoted and more more information from :
Rainwater goes directly back in to Seneca Lake. There are also many gorges near the lake that provide really great nutrient movement as well as human recreation.
During heavy rain the gorges are dangerous to walk on but beautiful to see.
Median age (Male) 43.3
Median age (Female) 44.5
Native Americans used the fruits in cough syrup, and gargled for sore throat and tonsillitis. (Barotz 2004 Sumac)

Staghorn sumac can be used to pretty good wine. (Keller, J. 2000)

Bloom: May-August
Cashew Family

Staghorn Sumac
Rhus typhina
Seneca Lake is located in the geographic center of the Finger Lakes. Seneca Lake has the largest volume of water of the Finger Lakes with an area of 43,343 acres. It is approximately 38 miles in length and 3 miles in width. It is also the deepest of the lakes with an astounding depth of 618 feet.

The Finger Lakes Watershed headwaters begin in the Adirondack Mountains and along the edge of the Appalachian Plateau and flows across the central lowlands before emptying into Lake Ontario.

The primary inflows are Catharine Creek, Keuka Lake Outlet, and underwater sources. While the primary outflow is the Cayuga-Seneca Canal

Seneca Lake is ranked fifth out of eight Finger Lakes as the worst water quality.

Please Watch the video ->
Zotos is a hair care products plant in Geneva, NY. In 2011 they installed two 364-foot wind turbines.

Since their installation they have received a great deal of praise and received the 2012 Green Power Leadership Award for their innovative wind generation project from the EPA.
(kilo Watts)
(meters per second)
New York State Electric & Gas
Seneca Meadows
NYSEG is the main provider for electric and gas in Upstate New York. The power comes from Rochester, NY
Seneca Meadows began producing gas for electricity in 1995, then producing 2.4 Megawatts. Today it produces 18 Megawatts, enough to power 15,000 to 18,000 homes
The water used in Waterloo is taken directly from Seneca Lake
Constructed and placed in 1972 and expanded in 2001.
A back up generator is on site in case of a power failure
pump an average of 1.25 MGD (million gallons / day)
3 full time and 2 part time employees
service the entire Village of Waterloo
Since I left for school my mother has done renovations on our cottage. The best part is that we have added solar panels to our new home. She hasn't been there long enough to know usage or impacts.
I personally am disgusted by the smell of rotting food so I don't compost. Instead I choose to use a garbage disposal and send it elsewhere. This is wasteful for both energy and nutrients.
Chicory Root can be made into a tea that has diuretic and laxative properties. (Barotz 2004)

Chicory is one of the best emergent plants for grazing livestock. (Blair, R. 2011)

Bloom: July – October
Composite Family

Cichorium intybus
This alien species has quickly spread providing excellent nest sites for birds, especially Mocking Birds. (Krisher page 191)

Multiflora rose is extremely prolific and can form impenetrable thickets that exclude native plant species, making it an invasive species.

Bloom: Late May –June
Rose Family

Multiflora Rose
Rosa multiflora
For Plants
Alien Plant Working Group (2010) “Multiflora Rose – Weeds Gone Wild” Washington, DC

Barotz, S., Bilodeau, C. (2004) “Chicory” Field Guide to Medicinal Plants of the Northeastern United States. Brandeis University 
< http://www.bio.brandeis.edu/fieldbio/medicinal_plants/pages/Chicory.htm >

Barotz, S., Bilodeau, C. (2004) “Common St. John's Wort” Field Guide to Medicinal Plants of the Northeastern United States. Brandeis University 

Barotz, S., Bilodeau, C. (2004) “Staghorn Sumac” Field Guide to Medicinal Plants of the Northeastern United States. Brandeis University  <http://www.bio.brandeis.edu/fieldbio/medicinal_plants/pages/Staghorn_Sumac.html

Barotz, S., Bilodeau, C. (2004) “Woody Nightshade” Field Guide to Medicinal Plants of the Northeastern United States. Brandeis University  <http://www.bio.brandeis.edu/fieldbio/medicinal_plants/pages/Woody_Nightshade.html >

Blair, R. (2011) Nutrition and Feeding of Organic Cattle. Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK: CABI. Print.

Keller, J. (2000) Winemaking: Staghorn Sumac Wine. Texas. <http://winemaking.jackkeller.net/staghorn.asp>

Kricher, J. , Morrison G. (1988) A Field Guide to Eastern Forests, North America. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Print.

USDA Forest Service (2006) Forest Health Staff, Newtown Square, PA. < http://www.na.fs.fed.us/fhp/invasive_plants/weeds/bittersweet-nightshade.pdf>
This plant is considered an invasive species in CT, MA, MD, MI, OR, PA, WA, and WI. (USDA Forest Service 2006)

All parts of this plant are poisonous but the leaves are used externally as folk remedy for warts and tumors. (Barotz and Bilodeau 2004)

Bloom: June (Spring) – September (Fall)
Nightshade Family

Bittersweet NightshadeSolanum dulcamara
Leaves contain antidepressant compounds and outsells Prozac 20-to-1 in Germany.

The flowers make tea that is a folk remedy for bladder problems, worms, and diarrhea. (Barotz 2004 Johnswort)

Bloom: Early Summer – Lasts About A Month
St. Johnswort Family

Common St. JohnswortHypericum perforatum
Blue Heron
Ardea herodias


History of Waterloo
Cardinal Directions
Going west on main street you will run into many mom and pop stores like the hardware store and the pharmacy.

Down the block is Lafayette Park where all the memorial day festivities are held.
Material recording, scheduling, dispatching, and distributing workers (8%)
Driver/sales workers and truck drivers (7%)
Other production occupations including supervisors (7%)
Metal workers and plastic workers (6%)
Electrical equipment mechanics and other installation, maintenance, and repair occupations including supervisors (5%)
Bus drivers (4%)
Assemblers and fabricators (4%)
Other office and administrative support workers including supervisors (8%)
Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides (7%)
Secretaries and administrative assistants (6%)
Other sales and related workers including supervisors (5%)
Other management occupations except farmers and farm managers (5%)
Registered nurses (4%)
Retail sales workers except cashiers (4%)
Going south from main street you will see the Cayuga–Seneca Canal Locks.

This connects the Erie Canal to Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake.

It is approximately 20 miles (32 km) long.
White Deer are unique to Seneca County.

They are mostly found within the walls of the Seneca Army Depot.

The deer are not albino, they carry a set of recessive genes for all-white coats - note the eyes.
Other animals or signs
Other natural things
The Finger Lakes have become a very prosperous region for vineyards

As you can see from the image there are over 30 award winning vineyards on this one lake alone.
Web Soil Survey: Publication Date: 09/25/2012
Title: Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) database for Seneca County, New York
From this survey I have found that the soil is mostly comprised of shale. This is why Hydrofracking exists in my town.
Soil Types
Annual Drinking Water Quality Report
Seneca Lake State Park Impacts water quality in a good way by Bringing people closer to the water so they understand its importance.

Montezuma Wildlife Refuge and Wetlands is both educational on the wildlife spectrum as well as preserving the wetlands. They go out of their way to educate the community and its visitors.

Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association is an organization that develops educational and outreach programs in the area as well as sponsor scientific research of the watershed.
Wineries in this region are supported for tourism and income. But they use pesticides and that leads to dangerous run off directly in the lake.

Waterloo Sewage Treatment is almost directly on the canal leading to the lake. This could lead to toxic dumping if not done correctly.

Seneca Meadows Landfill takes in garbage from out of state. It is dangerous to have so much garbage in just one place. It also releases toxins and other bad chemicals. which could eventually reach the water.
A form of processed cheese sauce mixed with peppers and other spices is often used in place of freshly shredded cheese
A mexican- american food of a flour tortilla wrapped or folded into a cylindrical shape completely enclosing a filling.
a cucumber that has been pickled in a brine or vinegar and left to ferment.
It is a disorganized combination of either cheeseburger, hamburger, Italian sausages, steak, chicken, white or red hots, a grilled cheese sandwich, fried fish, or eggs, served on top of one or two of the following: home fries, fries, beans, and mac salad.
Technically Rochester, NY but Geneva does it better
Please watch the video ->
Fuzzy Guppies is a unique organization located within The Waterloo Harbor Campgrounds.

It is known for human powered water crafts, mainly kayaks, but has a cool program where you can hamster ball on the water.
Recreational Opportunities
Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge played an integral role in reintroducing the once-endangered bald eagle to New York State.

Today, the Refuge boasts three active bald eagle nests.
Bald Eagle
Haliaeetus leucocephalus
The refuge in winter has large flocks of Canada geese.

Overwintering of Canada geese in the region has increased since the 1970s, with current numbers of geese in winter as high as 100,000!
Canada Geese
Branta canadensis
Montezuma is extremely important to migrating shorebirds as a stopover point.

Black terns (a NYS listed endangered species) have recently returned to nesting in the Montezuma wetlands.
Black Tern
Chlidonias niger
Great Blue Heron is one of North America's most familiar and adaptable wading birds
Because of this it is the insignia of the audubon society.
Cornell has video cameras up on a nest in Ithaca
Wood ducks make up a portion of the ducks that rest at the refuge. The ducks depend on the refuge waters and lands during migration.

It is one of the most colourful North American waterfowl.
Wood duck
Aix sponsa
The waste begans at the toliet and travels underground in the seware. Once underground it is sent to 77 E River Street where it is then processed and cleaned. From there it is then put back into the Seneca-Cayuga Canal.

Established in 1971 with a staff of approximately 1 to 4.

Waterloo Waste Management Plant
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