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John Michael Rhodelander

Born August 1, 1954

taylor rhodelander

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of John Michael Rhodelander

John Michael Rhodelander Born on August 1, 1954 to Kenneth and Mary Alice rhodelander Lived in Independence, mo for the first 22 years of his life. His History Sick for about the fist 15 years of his life with bad ashma, so he missed a lot of his elementary and middle school years of school. Because he was sick all of the time he couldn't do much physical activities or go out with his friends. This taught him to appreciate what he could do and what he had much more. During his high school years he worked at Texas Toms and Mcdonalds (he says that back then they didnt have all the computers and still got out orders faster than today) Working After he graduated from high school he worked for a car dealer doing body work and detailing cars. Soon after that he went on to get his class A CDL and became an over the road truck driver. Present Day My dad is 55 years old and acts like he is 30. He is still a truck driver and has been since he was 21 We own three horses and he rides his horse, Tuscany, whenever he can He says the three words that describe him are Patient, compassionate, and God-fearing. There are two things that really make him mad, one being people that are destructive, like terrrorists, and people who give a false image of God and Christianity "It looks better than it did"
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