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Lord Macarney

No description

Paul Reyes

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Lord Macarney

By: Mia Relph, Paul Reyes, Rachel Correll, and Aria Walls Lord Macartney Lord Macartney's Mission Migration and Expansion After Lord Macartney and his men returned home, their was a feel of defeat. They didn't acheive their goal. Perhaps because Lord Macartney failed the mission himself, but it's likely he told the King that it was the Emperor's fault that the mission wasn't a success, even though it was Lord Macartney that didn't give him the respect the ruler deserved to make the mission a triumph. After The Mission ...We think this because after the mission, the British referred the Chinese as "weak, corrupt, ill-governed, ignorant..., [and] indifferent to progress..." (Sana Shakir). So now, once an all powerful region, the East Chinese empires were now considered inferior to the British, by other people around the globe. A New View http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/64/George_Macartney,_1st_Earl_Macartney_by_Lemuel_Francis_Abbott.jpg King George the Third sent Macartney to convince the Chinese emperor at the time (1793) to open northern port cities to British Traders. The English wanted to establish trading with China and be allowed to have their ships be repaired in Chinese territory. With about 800 people on several ships, English men set out -lead by Lord Macartney. They carried 19 packages of gifts, including 590 items for the Chinese emperor. Mia Relph, Aria Walls During the Mission Macartney tried to create treaties with Japan, parts of China and the Eastern Islands for trade. However, there was disagreement between him and the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. Macartney thought of himself as a mighty British man and wouldn't regard the emperor as an equal. China became upset and didn't agree to any negotiations. Migration
-There was no migration that Lord Macartney influenced
-The expansion of trading in different lands was denied, so therefore the English weren't able to expand towards China for a while. Emperor Qianlong Lord Macartney "There is nothing we lack, nor do we need any more of your country's manufactures" -Manchu Emperor Qianlong to Macartney The geography greatly affected each culture -there were different kinds of animals which affected farming and we think that because the Chinese and British had so many cultural differences, they did not get along very well. Lord Macartney wasn't aware of all the Chinese customs, so therefore , everyone got mad at the other region . No one knew that other practices in culture were okay. By and Rachel Correll, Paul Reyes http://www.chinapage.com/images/qianlong.jpg http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/73/George_Earl_Macartney.jpg You're Question Answered The Age of Exploration impacted diverse cultures by exposing different beliefs to one another. Every region had contrasting religion, clothing etc. The British thought that their way, was the ONLY way. The Spaniards thought Christianity should be the only religion to practice, so when they discovered new lands, they converted some of the new people, thereby spreading their culture. This same thing happened with other cultures and cultural universals.
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