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No description

ben hillhouse

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of SCISSORS

Innovations that scissors have undergone
Some innovations on scissors were that they used to be connected by a curved thin strip of metal and only cut thin materials. Now the scissors are connected by screws and some are able to cut thing as big as a small branch.
Positive impact on society
scissors have helped us with arts and crafts and cutting small boxes and such. These scissors help us in medical and production.
Negative impact on society
who was the inventor of the scissors
How are scissors used today?
scissors today to cut thin materials such as paper and hair. They can also be used to cut small branches with the improvements.
To cut thin material such as paper,hair, and string
How were scissors used back in the past?
In the past the scissors were used to only cut thin material such as paper and hair. They also used them for the mummification to put into their coffin.
scissors are a negative impact on society because they can cut your hand but the cuts wont be severe

We don't really know who invented the scissors but they were used in 1500 bc by the egyptian people. the earliest known scissors were in Mesopotamia.
Scissors quote
"I believe more in scissors than I do a pencil
How scissors are related to some subjects
What could the scissors be used for ?
Where to find the materials for the scissors ?
How to put the scissors together ?
How much scissor material and the size of the scissors ?
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