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No description

ayyan mir

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of 2

Hasnain And Paramvir
The Spark
This commercial had targeted everybody because they think when you will have a sip of sprite it will bring out another you.
Who Did They Target ?
The message in the commercial was to buy sprite so you bring out another you. They want you to believe that once you have a sip of sprite you'll become a new you which will make you better.
The Message
Why Would You Buy Their
To me everything in the commercial did make sense because they didn't go off topic in the commercial, they showed their product in the right way, they didn't show anything irrelevant. Also they
Does It Persuade You
The Spark
Some reasons why I would their product is that a really famous celebrity
(Drake) who was in the commercial supporting it. Also how Drake gets so energized after one sip of sprite.
Does It Make Sense

In this commercial i think it wouldn't be able to persuade me in any irrelevant ways because the commercial had no irrelevant facts, statements or images tome because they got straight to the point in the commercial.
Thank For You Listening
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