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Alternative Vending

Project Management Presentation

Eric Pochynok

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Alternative Vending

Alternative Vending Machines Selection Planning Budgeting Launch Monitor Control Terminate Validate Goals
Healthy snack food
Satisfying Objectives
Must meet criteria
Max. 250 calories
Name brand
Scope Timing Research Risks Project to Process Termination begins April 14th Sales assessment plan Benefits
Short-term goals Budget Cost Break-even $50,000 requested 7-8 years Operation life: 12 years Labor Materials Advertisement Bottom-Up approach Assumes operation level is static
Simple work element costing Hourly wage rate. Machines and installation. Flyers, promotions, Radio ads. Information analysis: Product Popularity Improve product selection Effectiveness of Project Planning Success? Goals accomplished Apply lessons learned to new projects Customer satisfaction Presented by:
Bryan McClintock, Brandon Hartley, Donald Kai,
Teng Li, Nicholas Pochynok, and Jie Zhou
MGNT 4135
Research Acquisition Implementation Regular tracking Thorough oversight needed. In Scope
Out of Scope Machine
Overhead Project Duration
Project Schedule
Basis for Timing Raised reputation
Healthier Students
Good P.R.
Added Income Machine and Product purchasing Communication with officers Legal processing and workers employed. Machine installed with products. Maintenance Installation process Formalization of Maintenance Termination by integration Shut down Information Gathering Oversight
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