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D.C. Everest Educator Effectiveness

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Kevin Kampmann

on 21 December 2013

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Transcript of D.C. Everest Educator Effectiveness

D.C. Everest Educator Effectiveness Plan
Today's Goals

Provide you with a Big Picture of Educator Effectiveness

Establish a timeline for the implementation of Educator Effectiveness

Identify next steps that the district must take

Goal of Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness Evaluation System
1. Guide effective educational practices that are aligned with student learning

2. Document evidence of improved student learning

3. Promote professional development

DPI overview:
What is Educator Effectiveness
A performance-based evaluation system for teachers and principals

Wisconsin ACT 166 mandates the implementation of EE starting the 2014-15 school year
Educator Effectiveness System Weights
Danielson Framework
Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)
How will evaluations be different?
Current Evaluation Process
New Evaluation Process
1-2 observations every three years

Student learning outcomesare not a factor

Evaluator skills are varied
Danielson Framework
Current theoretical framework used by the district. Common language

Four Domains: Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Professional Responsibilities, Instruction
Timeline for Implementation of Educator Effectiveness
Multiple observations and evidence sources provide basis for evaluation

Student growth will account for 50% of evaluation

Specific training for evaluators ensures inter rater reliability
Student/School Learning Objectives

Measurable goals for a student to achieve in a specific period of time

Derived from analysis of prior data

Developed collaboratively by educators and evaluators
December 2013 Administrator Overview
February 2014 DPI Self guided overview (Admin, teachers)
April 2014 Educator Effectiveness Process Training (Admin)
June 2014 Teachscape training (Admin)
August 2014 Educator Effectiveness Online training modules (Admin and teachers)

Next Steps
Allocating Resources
Pay for Performance???
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