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Persuasive Speech

No description

Patrick Cardoso

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Speech

Class Activity Time!!! Persuade your
"client" to buy
what you are sell Persuasive Speech Try to 'Go out with a Bang' or end with a memorable punch line or positive statement Your Opener - the opening, ice-breaker or attention grabber

Introduction - Tell them what the speech is about and what your main points will be Persuasive Speech Results Conclusion Structure Tips of knowledge... Credibility - Establish your credibility by demonstrating expertise, evidence and knowledge of the subject - presenting facts, statistics or quotes together with any personal experiences to make the audience believe in what you are saying Now, 3min & 28sec of
youtube video By Patrick Cardoso What is a Persuasive Speech?? Steve Jobs - Establish your credibility early
- Demonstrate audience analysis and understanding. Make relevant, direct contact with audience

- Your audience must feel involved in the problem before they are moved to accept a solution

- Make effective transitions between ideas

- Demonstrate enthusiasm and/or passion

- Provoke thought through questions

- Construct a logical case with evidence in support of what you're trying to sell Confirmation - Confirm and repeat the main arguments for the subject

Alternatives - Discuss the alternatives to strengthen your claim further i n g USING THESE GUIDELINES You've got to lose that (OBJECT) because
that (OBJECT) is way out of fashion.
Why do you still have/use that? WOW!!! I'll tell you what, it's time for you to move on with that old (OBJECT) of yours.
I know a great guy who can give you a mind-blowing discount on this new (OBJECT). Interested??? THE END
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