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New York

No description

Sarah Khalil

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of New York

New York
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Alliteration: "dark, and hard" "on and on"
End rhyme:
"The rats scurry as the people overflow
Onto the station and up to the neon show"

4. The City
Prabhath Avadhanula
The poem describe New York city, as a busy city, surrounded by a dark atmosphere. The people hurry, and they don't have time to look up like the "outsiders", "The local look strait" is a another way of saying that, people outside New York, have more time to study, and experience the city, then the locals.

He use religious aspects to give us a better meaning of what he is talking about.

" Worldly masses turn and flow
To money as muslims do to Mecca.
And pilgrims walk amidst the glimpses of gods in Tribeca

It's a another way of saying that, "pilgrims" the worshipers of the famous people who live in Tripeca, has like their own Mecca, and where the famous and wealthy people are the Gods, and that they use their money just to experience that glimps of Gods in Tribeca, like muslims use money, to travel to Mecca.
4. Prabhath Avadhanula (recent): The City

The city is gritty, dark, and hard.
The subways rumble on and on.
The rats scurry as the people overflow
Onto the station and up to the neon show.

Outsiders look up, locals look straight.
The hawkers haggle, the hookers wait.
The traffic rushes scornful of the streets
Marred and littered with a million moving feet.

And yet the congregations grow.
Worldly masses turn and flow
To money as muslims do to Mecca.
And pilgrims walk amidst the glimpses of gods in Tribeca.

The poem!

Cultural Enviroment
Different social classes:
The Atmosphere
New York
Place: In New York city. "The city". The city of all cities. You can picture the poem in relation to New York.
Time: There is no specific time of the year or day. It is a obsevation and refelction of the city right now in the moment. It is a over all view of the city, not depended on time.
It is in the present
"The hawkers haggle, the hookers wait." - underclass/the lower class "And pilgrims walk amidst the glimpses of gods in Tribeca." - "The gods" (celebrities)
"Outsiders look up, locals look straight". People from outside(tourists) gaze at the city, but the locals have their individual aim of the day and looks straight and do not see the city.

Is the setting described in detail or hinted at: It is hinted at. We know that it is the city, but it is only hinted at, that the city that's written about is New York. "The city is gritty, dark, and hard."
The atmosphere: The people seem anonymous, and the city seems gloomy, noisy and crowded.
- Canadian Poet
Prabhath Avadhanula is one of the thousands of poets on
www.blackcatpoems.com. Blackcatpoems.com is a collection of poetic works that
are organized by subject and by poet. It has mostly narrative poetry, and all email
submissions can be sent to cat@blackcatpoems.com. Prabhath Avadhanula has
about 89 poems that are published on this site. Topics that seem to interest him are
religion, success, and philosophy.

Independence >< New York
Busy life, Blindfolded
Religion vs. Idols

It's normal, but in some places he use more formal
words for instance "Marred and littered with a million moving feet"

Many verbs "The subway rumble", "The people overflow" "Outsiders look up, locals look straight"

Substantives "The city", "The subway", "The people".

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