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Computerized Inventory System for JOMIN Hardware and General Merchandise

Thesis Presentation

pots macario

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Computerized Inventory System for JOMIN Hardware and General Merchandise

O I S Introduction In a world where technology is everywhere, there are so many devices, gadgets, systems and automation of manual work that has been distinguished and proposed by a lot of inventors and programmers. We all know that these technological innovations have a great help in our personal lives as well as the business world. . In the aspect of business, technology serves as one of the major tool for entrepreneurs not only to develop new ideas and products for their business but also to help them in dealing with the operation and in supporting the flow of transaction of their business. •Owner: Mrs. Herminia O. Tan •Have 7 employees •The company uses a manual system •The company have difficulty in monitoring supplies. •The proposed system is designed to help the users in maintaining and organizing a secure and accurate database. •Focuses in monitoring the coming in and out of the products and the quantity of stocks •It will make their daily transactions faster. •The owner will be able to monitor her business income and stocks in a more convenient way. Statement of the problem General Problem •The manual system of JOMIN Hardware and General Merchandise has a difficulty in monitoring their items and supplies. Specific Problems •Difficulty in monitoring product availability •Difficulty in the generation of reports •Unauthorized access of important files CURRENT STATEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY •JOMIN Hardware and General Merchandise uses a manual system •The company stores their important files and written records in folders or envelopes inside a wooden cabinet. •Orders their supplies through phone. •They are not conducting proper monitoring of supplies. Objectives General Objective •This specialized project intends to develop a Computerized Inventory System that will make it easy to monitor the supplies as well as to make all the transactions easier, faster and more accurate for all the users. Specific Problems •Difficulty in monitoring product availability •Difficulty in the generation of reports •Unauthorized access of important files scope and limitation Scope File Maintenance Product Maintenance Supplier Maintenance Category Maintenance Transaction Purchase Order Back Order Product In Product Out Adjustments Utilities Backup and Recovery Archive and Restore Audit Trail User Setting System Settings Code Maintenance Number Maintenance About About the System About the Programmer Help Log off Exit Limitation Exclusive for the company Automatic Backups Point of Sales (POS) THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Database Concepts Database Database Management System Data Model Normalization First Normal Form Second Normal Form Third Normal Form Methodology Figure 2.1 Spiral Model Diagram •Customer Communication -The aim of customer communication is to establish effective communication between developer and customer. Planning The planning objectives are to define resources, project alternatives, time lines and other project related information. Risk Analysis The purpose of the risk analysis phase is to assess both technical and management risks. •Engineering The engineering task is to build one or more representations of the application. The output of this phase is passed through all the phases iteratively in order to obtain improvements in the same. •Construction and Release The construction and release task is to construct, test, install and provide user support (e.g., documentation and training). •Customer Evaluation The customer evaluation task is to obtain customer feedback based on the evaluation of the software representation created during the engineering stage and implemented during the installation stage. Summary This chapter discusses the theories that the proponents used in developing the proposed system. It includes the database, data model, normalization and methodology of the study. Through the use of these different theories, the proponents were able to construct the proposed system. The spiral model shows the planning, analysis, engineering and maintenance phases that the proponents used in providing solution to the existing problems of the JOMIN Hardware and General Merchandise. Reports Product Report Supplier Report Purchase Order Report Back Order Report Product In Report Product Out Report Adjustment Report COMPUTERIZED INVENTORY SYSTEM FOR JOMIN HARDWARE AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE System Design Specification The different data models that describe the flow of the proposed system are Context Diagram, Data Flow Diagram (DFD), Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) and Hierarchy Input Process Output (HIPO). Summary The proponent use diagram like Context Diagram, Data Flow Diagram (DFD), Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) and Hierarchy Input Process Output (HIPO) to show the process of the proposed system that based on the current process of manual inventory system of JOMIN Hardware and General Merchandise. This diagram helps the user to understand easily the proposed system. It shows the flow of the whole process of the system from the general process to specific process of the proposed system. PERFORMANCE AND ANALYSIS Experimental Accuracy Portability Security Recoverability Reliability Understandability Observation Interview Internet Browsing Result and Analysis Evaluation Summary The proponents gathered information regarding how the hardware store operates using its manual system. Through the information gathered and given by the owner, who will eventually become one of the potential users of the proposed system, the general problem of the store was identified. This was done in order to come up with solutions and additional features to make the operation and transactions in the store a lot easier, more reliable and more accurate. After the development of the proposed system, the proponents underwent the process of testing the system to identify the problems that may occur once it is already deployed. It is also done to hear feedbacks or suggestions coming from the potential users that could enhance the proposed system. Conclusion The JOMIN Hardware and General Merchandise is currently managing a manual system for all of their operations. The proponents found out that through the use of the manual system, the information that the company handles is very prone to errors and unauthorized access. In addition, generating reports, monitoring the supplies and handling the customer’s transactions and bills are sometimes inaccurate. Nevertheless, the proponents successfully developed a computerized inventory system for the JOMIN Hardware by gathering information, analyzing the problems and coming up with a solution to lessen the problems experienced using the manual process of operation. prepared by: GelaDrino, rossel C. macario, Lady Michelle S. Nocum, Rosemarie S. Peninoy, Miriam P.
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