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Canadian Immigration

Then and Now Grade 8

Katie Oickle

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Canadian Immigration

Canadian Immigration
Immigration "Now" (2000's) compared to Immigration "Then" (1870-1914)
What countries did Immigrants come from?
Where did immigrants come to in Canada?
Why did immigrants come to Canada?
Immigrant Education
-Many Immigrants in Canada
-Aboriginal people= original inhabitants
-Over past centuries, many come to Canada to find a better future for their family
-Canada used to be very small, has grown a lot recently
-Many well known Canadians have family history outside of Canada
-Other than (descendants of) Aboriginal people everyone else is a descendant of someone who came to Canada from another country
2008- Canada expects 240 000- 265 000 newcomers
2007- The Canadian government commits $121.6 million to help immigrants
2006- A bill is discussed that would allow foreign children adopted by Canadian parents to become Canadian citizens right away
2005- Asia and India become the largest source of new Canadian Immigrants
2004- More than 235 000 people immigrate to Canada
2003- Canada takes several large steps to increase the security of its borders
2002- The Immigration and Refugee Act is created
2001- Terrorists attack the United States
2000- A $975 "right of landing" fee is repealed
2010- Immigrants from over 140 countries come to Canada
2011- Canada expands its refugee resettlement programs by over 20% in three years

1880- Thousands of Jews immigrate to Canada
1885- Federal government passes an act restraining Chinese immigrants to Canada
1891- 170 000 Ukrainians fled to Canada marking the first wave of Ukrainians seeking refugee in Canada
1896- Clifford Sifton is appointed Minister of the Interior, in charge of immigration- he sets up campaigns to try to populate the Canadian West
1899- The North Atlantic Trading Company sends agricultural settlers to Canada
1903- The $100 head tax for Asian immigrants is raised to $500
1905- Saskatchewan becomes a province
1907- Chinese immigrants encounter violence within Canada
1908- Interior Minister Frank Oliver introduces a law charging all immigrants a $25 "landing fee"
1910- The government passes a law restricting the immigration of any group for a reason
1913- Canada has its highest rate of immigration in the 20th century when compared to the existing population
1914- Only one immigrant from India is allowed into Canada between 1914 and 1918
-Around 3 287 000 Immigrants came to Canada between 1870-1914
-Came from many different countries
-Over 1 million GB
-500 000 USA
-700 000 Russia, Ukraine, Poland
-Stopped at borders
-"Preferred list"
-(Few) countries on list: GB, France, USA, Belgium, Holland, Scandinavia, Germany)
What countries did immigrants come from?
-2011 foreign-born pop= 6 775 800 (20.6% of Canadian pop)
-Close to 200 countries are sources of immigration
-Asia- largest source of immigrants from the past five years
-Amount of immigrants from Africa, the Carribbean, Central and South America is growing quickly
-159 700 Europe
-145 700 Africa
-152 300 Philippines
-122 100 China

-Poverty around the world- mothers
put their children in orphanages
-Children came to St. Barnardo's
home for children
-1900 1/2 million lived in the prairies- ten years later pop tripled because of immigrants
-1902 Saskatchewan= small village, 1905= large city
-1901-1906: Calgary pop grew from 4 100-12 000
Edmonton 2 600-11 200
This was all because of immigrants coming to Canada
-Most immigrants move into rural parts of Canada
Where do immigrants come to in Canada?
-1/5 of Canada is foreign-born
-Since 2001 majority chose to live in the city (97.2%)
-75% live in the Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver
-Move for its great economy
-Possibility of finding a job
-Stable future for family
-45% of Toronto is immigrants
-Multicultural city
-Most French immigrants move to Montreal
-1/4 Montreal is french immigrants
-Move for its climate
-Best suited for immigrants who come from warm climates
-Almost 40% of Vancouver is immigrants
-Push and pull
-Pushes away from home country (poverty, high taxes,religious)
-Pulled in by Canadian government- wanted to populate land
-Everyone came looking for a better life

Popular destination
-Land in USA bought up
-Canadian government started advertising campaigns to bring new immigrants to Canada
Why do immigrants come to Canada?
-Excited to use Canadian medical system
-Immigrant children are vaccinated more than Canadian children
-Escape diseases back in home countries
Places with fast growing economies attract immigrants (Canada, USA)
-(A problem) Can't find work in their own country
-(Different problem) Moved to Canada and couldn't find work in their own field (lawyer, doctor, engineer) ended up having lower payed jobs (nannie, cashier, taxi driver)
Immigrants really want to live in Canada permanently because Canada "
has a high quality of life and there is a good chance of a bright future for families
-2000's most immigrants had a good education
-Between 2001 and 2005, 51% had a University degree
-Census in 2010 found that immigrants found jobs same rate as locals
-Census: an official count of the population
-2008- Canadians tried hard to try to help immigrants find a job related to their skill set
Chinese Immigrants (Then)
-1880-1886 Chinese men helped build the Canadian Pacific Railroad- terrible working conditions, discrimination, low pay
-1885 immigrants had to pay $50 to enter Canada (head tax), 1900 increased to $100, 1903 increased to $500
-Unable to bring family
-Chinese created their own buisnesses
Immigration Experiences
Carmen Alatorre's immigration experience
New Mexico
Joel Sacke's immigration experience
South Africa
Canada (city not mentioned)
Campaign to Bring Immigrants to Canada
-Ran by Clifford Sifton, great salesman
-Promised any settler 160 acres of free land
-Idea of campaign was to populate the Canadian West
-Sent millions of pamphlets to Europe to advertise
-Very successful
-Over 14 different cultures came
Clifford Sifton
Other reasons could be war or the economy back in their home country
Norwegian poster advertising Sifton's campaign issued in the 1890's
Poster in the magazine
Canada West
Comparing immigration in 1880-1914 to the 2000's
-More discrimination
-Campaigns to bring people to Canada
-Transportation- ships to get people to Canada
-Smaller population
-Immigrants have a better education
-Transportation- airplanes (most common) to get people to Canada
-Larger population
Immigrants coming to Canada
-Canada is home to many immigrants (then and now)
-Many immigrants come to Canada
-Immigrants come to Canada for mosty the same reasons (war, medical, economy)
-Most immigrants live in the urban parts of Canada not usually the rural parts
Comparing immigration in 1880-1914 to the 2000's
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