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Personality Types

No description

Grant Ormerod

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of Personality Types

Personality Types
Learning Outcomes
1. What are the 5 personality theories from last lesson
2. Describe the difference between Type A and Type B personalities
3. Explain how personality can effect sport performance
Personality Types
Another approach in sport psychology suggests that personality traits can be grouped under two headings
Effects on Sports Performance
There is no direct link between personality type and successful sporting performance. Some research says that certain personality types may be more attracted to certain sports, but there is little to suggest that your personality will make you a better athlete
TYPE A personalities lack patience, have a strong urge for competition, a high desire to achieve goals and rush to complete activities, will happily multi-task when under time constraints, lack tolerance towards others and experience higher levels of anxiety.
TYPE B personalities are more tolerant towards others, more relaxed and reflective than their type A counterparts, experience lower levels of anxiety and display higher levels of imagination and creativity
Stand in the middle of the room.
make a desicion...
are you type A or type B

What are the results from this?

Write down on a piece of paper the members of your group.

Now secretly write down which type you think they are
In groups write down
what sports would attract Type A
what sports would attract Type B
Athlete vs non athletes and individual vs team sports
At this moment in time there is no such thing as an athletic personality. However, there are differences between athletes and non-athletes and between athletes in different sport.

Compared with non-athletes, athletes who participate in team sports are extroverted. Compared to non-athletes, athletes in individual sports are more introverted.
This suggests that to study differences between athletes and non-athletes, you should consider the sports the athletes play before reaching meaningful conclusion
Elite vs non-elite athletes
Psychologists originally thought that successful athletes display lower levels of depression, fatigue, confusion and anger, but higher levels of vigour.
However, evidence used to draw these conclusions was insufficient because it was based on small numbers of athletes.
Recent research shows that personality accounts for less than 1 per cent of performance variations
Type A vs Type B
type A personalities are more likely than type B personalities to continue participating in a sport when the situation becomes unfavorable or when they are not motivated.
On post it notes, Write down what you have learnt that you didnt know before
Personality Types
On post it notes, write down how and when personality helped you in a sporting performance
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