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Super Hero Anti-Bullying Week

No description

Aimee Bellwood

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Super Hero Anti-Bullying Week

This is a passive person - everyone walks all over them.
To be brave, and strong you need a super power.
This is a passive aggressive person - they are sneaky
“If there are no heros to save you, then you be the hero” – Denpa Kyoshi
The Doormat
The Sly Snake
They look happy and are one of the cool gang.
They always make the right choice when adults are watching
They tell tales about people
They join in with the bullies
They will do what the bullies do, if the bullies like them
They gossip
They don't make decisions for themselves

Are YOU a Snake?
They do as they are told by everyone, even if they don't want to
They don't have a voice
They follow the crowd
They let people be mean to them
They copy the bullies
They stand back and watch bullies
They are unnoticeable but people us them everyday

Are YOU a Doormat?
They make the
They stop the meanness and spread the kindness.
The stick up for others even though it's tough.
They are friendly to everyone.

Do YOU have what it takes to be a Super Hero?

Monday, November 14, 2016
Vol I, No. 1
Spot the bully
Superhero's crack bullying!
Children of Greatwood Community Primary how discovered that bullies are disguised. No longer are they mean, strong, angry children amongst them.
A bully is usually an angry person who can take this unhappiness out on those around them. They can target someone
with unkind behaviour.
Everyone can be upset and find it difficult to control their emotions, sometimes taking it out on others. When this happens over and over again to the same person, they are being bullied.
Bullies can be hard to spot, once spotted you can use a range of super hero skills to stop them in their tracks, but CAN YOU spot the bully?
Greatwood News
A few of the children in class 2 at Fulham Borders Primary School, during their art lesson.
No thank you, but it sounds fun!
Not now, I'm busy.
No thanks, I can't make it.
I'm happy playing this game.
I don't have time to.
I don't think that's a good idea.
I think that's the wrong choice.
How to use your Super power and say "no" to Bullies?
You are going to create your own Super Hero.

What is their Super Power?

When will they use their power?

How will they use their power for good?
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