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Solving a water problem

No description

Joshua *CrossBoy

on 11 January 2016

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Transcript of Solving a water problem

What did we Make to Solve it?
To solve our problem in Beijing, China we designed a water purifier to make their contaminated water, clean water. We also talked about what the government/country could do to help the country.
What Country/Community are we Trying to Help
We are trying to help Beijing, in China they have the biggest population in the world. They have such a big population the country can not handle it water-wise.
Facts About China's Lack of Water
China has the least amount of fresh water
China's annual water supplies drop below 1,400 cubic meters per person
Beijing's water is only 1.25 percent of the world's normal average

Designing the prototype
While we were designing the prototype/purifier in a diagram, we thought of materials that absorb dirt or bacteria, and allow water to flow through and we used coffee filters.
Solving a water problem!!!
Why is China Lacking Water
China has a very big population due to that a lot of water is being used.
They do not have a lot of money to support their country
An average person that is using water in China is way to high
And according to arlingtoninstitute.org Currently 1.1 billion people lack access to safe, clean drinking water globally
What Can This Device do to Help China
Water alone makes up 83% of your blood, composes 73% of your brain, and travels nutrients and oxygen to your cells but most these things can lead to other things like dehydration from salt water, or fill your body with parasites which could lead to diseases!And that's when our purifier comes to work.
What Can This Device do to Help China
With our purifier we can clear from any dirt, residue, and even parasites from water, to make it clear and safe for any occasional purposes.
We are here today to show you guys a new purifier that can change the world!. Our company name is Pure Water for all inc.(PWA) the new purifier is very cheap and affordable, we'll tell you more about it later in the presentation and explain who we wish to benefit through the use of our innovative product..
What is the Price?
The price of our purifier is very cheap. It is affordable because we actually made our filter free so everyone cam benefit off it. We made our filter free because the people in China need it some can not afford it. Also this is a charitable event.
Why Did We Focus on China?
Before, the Purifier was made we were thinking about what community we should choose. So we thought is there a place in the world that is lacking water that has a big population. When we researched China was a country that did not have much fresh water so we picked them to help.
What Can Canada do?
Canada exports water through bottles they don’t give much but, 20 liters and nothing larger than that. What Canada can do is help China, is donate more than they are used to. They should do this because ,Canada has 20% of the worlds total freshwater.
In conclusion our product was very nice and we explained to you guys what our goal was this was our presentation and we hoped you guys enjoyed our presentation.
Here is our Video
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