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Vampire Stalker Book Report

No description

Anna C.

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Vampire Stalker Book Report

The Vampire Stalker
Allison Van Diepen
Report by: Anna Carroll

In the beginning of The Vampire Stalker, a girl named Amy and her three friends Katie and Louisa are at a book store to buy a book called, The Mists. it is the second book of a series, called The Other world. The Other world is about a Vampire hunter named Alexander Banks who is hunting a vampire named Vigo, who killed Alexander's family when he was six. After Amy is done getting, her book with her friends, and going out to lunch and hanging out at the arcade, Amy walks home. It is around 11:00 and suddenly a man, Vigo, attacks her. It is Alexander that saves her. The only danger now is, Amy has a ruthless, bloodthirsty vampire in her town!
This Otherworld series has some odd thing about it. It is identical to what has really happened to Alexander, Hannah, James, and Vigo. Amy thinks, that Alexander has come to life from the book! Amy kept Alexander in her house. She tries to help him but it doesn't quite work. She needs help from an expert: Her school Librarian, Mrs. P. Mrs. P used to study the facts on different dimensions and things in that category. Mrs. P thinks that the author of the book series, Elizabeth Howard, had somehow been tapping into Alexanders dimension. That can be a problem, if Vigo finds out that Elizabeth Howard is spilling all his secrets and strategies in a book, he will target her right away. And sure enough, he did. Vigo went to Elizabeth's house and with roses and a presentable outfit. When Elizabeth Howard opened the door, Vigo asked to come in. Elizabeth recognized Vigo right away. She rejected his entry, and he bared his fangs. He was about to bite her, when she slammed the door in his face. Later that night Elizabeth called Mrs. P and Amy. They helped her move out of the country. But this was not Vigo's first attack, nor his last. At Louisa's birthday party, Amy is hanging out and having fun when she sees Vigo sitting in the corner with a Red Bull. Amy recognizes him right w\away and tries to call Alexander, but he didn't answer. She sent him a text but got no reply. She was about to get her friends out of the building, when Vigo struck. He moved toward a girl but was pushed back by Alexander who has miraculously arrived. When the cops came they saw Alexander and Vigo fighting. Alexander grabbed his Steak and was about tho stab, when the cops held up their guns. Amy stepped in the way. She later woke up in her room. This indecent, Signaled to Vigo that Alexander had an admirer. Vigo next targeted Amy's family and her sister Chrissy. Amy found that Chrissy had snuck out of her house to see Vigo when she got a phone call from one of Chrissy's friends. Amy, Alexander, and Katie went to the movie theater where Chrissy and Vigo were last seen. They discovered that they actualy hadn't gone to watch a movie. Alexander thought for a moment and thought that Chrissy and Vigo could be somewhere underground, somewhere dark. They found Chrissy in the tunnels of the subway tied up in a chair. Vigo and Alexander immediately began fighting. Katie and Amy untied Chrissy. They helped her into a corner and found her uninjured. Suddenly Alexander slumed to the ground unconsious. Vigo turned on Amy, Katie and Chrissy. Katie ran at Vigo and he grabbed her. She twisted and Vigo sank his teeth into her neck. Amy threw a rock at Vigo. He dropped Katie who crawled over to Amy and grabbed Chrissy. She helped her away from Vigo, while blood poured from her neck. Alexander woke and helped everyone out of the subway tunnels. They had got away from Vigo without anyone dieing this time.
At the end of this book, there is one more attack. Amy is walking home one night, when she sees a couple walking through the park. They look oddly familiar, almost like James and Hannah! They had crossed into Amy's world just has Vigo and Alexander had. Amy runs over to meet them and discovers that they had come here in search of Alexander. When they explain to Amy what has happened in their world, she explains what has happened in her world.
Hannah decides to find Vigo and tell him that he needs to go back to his world. Vigo agrees but he lies. The next night, Amy, Louisa, and Katie are at their school dance when a tall boy walks up to them. he is wearing a mask so the girls can't recognize his; until he shows his fangs. Amy freaks out and tries to run away, but he traps her in a corner and bites her neck. Amy screams and wriggles away. Vigo chases after her but he is side-tracked by Alexander who barrels into his side. A group of boys come over and start to attack Alexander. He gets knocked out of the way, and then Vigo gets up and kills one of the boys. But Alexander gets up and stabs Vigo with a steak. He falls to the ground, dead. And Alexander turns his attention on poor bleeding Amy. He gets her to a hospital where she gets stitches. When all is back to normal, James and Hannah return to their world but Alexander stays. With all of the help Amy has given him, Alexander wants to stay with Amy and start a new life.
~Abundant - available in large quantities; plentiful
~Adhere - to stick fast to a surface or a substance
~Agony - noun - extreme physical or mental suffering; the final stages of a difficult or painful death.
~Trust your instinct - Amy stepped in front of a gun to save Alexander from getting killed, without him, the whole city of Chicago could be ruined from Vigo

~Don't talk to strangers - Chrissy went to a movie with a random person she met on the internet, look where that got her!

Amy - Main Character
Alexander Banks - The Vampire Stalker
Vigo - The evil vampire who Alexander is hunting
Katie - Amy's Best friend
Louisa - Amy's other best friend
Chrissy - Amy's little sister
James - Alexander's cousin who believes in peace between vampires and humans
Hannah - James's girlfriend, Vigo's little sister, and also believes in peace between humans and Vampires.
I would give this book five out of five stars. It is full of action, mystery, and adventure. I would reccomend this book to anyone who loves action and violence because this book has lots of it!
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