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Child Beauty Pageants: An Ugly Competition

No description

Allison Stone

on 29 May 2012

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Transcript of Child Beauty Pageants: An Ugly Competition

The Pros & Cons of Pageants Child Beauty Pageants:
An Ugly Competition Heavy make-up Fake teeth Fake eyelashes Before & After pageant girls are staying fit and eating healthy.
winnings can be saved up for a college fund.
winners can earn college scholarships.
improves public speaking skills.
“we want to encourage children and support self esteem through a fun and supportive experience.” - Sarrah Le Marquand. Does putting your child in a pageant constitute child abuse?
pageantry sexualizes the child contestant.
pageants can stunt a child's growth development.
contestants can develop a distorted body image of themselves. Waxed Eyebrows contestants experience eyebrow waxing, heavy makeup and wigs, and partial dentures to fill in the gaps from missing teeth.
parents are letting their children be judged.
some parents crave so much attention that they exploit their children without considering possible consequences. contestants have been coached to project sexuality.
pageants are “exploitative, pressuring children to adopt semi-sexualized adult mannerisms that they do not fully understand and enforcing the message that physical appearance is all-important.” - Elizabeth Day. it is critical for a child to make friends when they are young, but they are too busy competing with the other pageant girls.
other girls of the same age are still playing with dolls.
“Girls are growing up far more quickly than they used to.” -Elizabeth Day. body image is the number one problem among young girls.
pageants give children the idea that it is okay to be valued solely on appearance.
young girls do not link their appearance to their self-esteem like teens do, so they are distorting their perception of themselves. The benefits of child beauty pageants are hidden by the negative effects of child abuse, sexualization of the child, stunted growth development, and distorted body images. Do the negative effects of child beauty pageants outweigh the positive?



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