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Requirements Analysis and Initial design

No description

Anmol Saini

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Requirements Analysis and Initial design

Functional Components
Management and Access to Content (Add, Delete & Modify Property Listings)
User Registration
Search Tool
-flexible means for searching properties
Nonfunctional Components
Requirements Analysis and Initial design

By Anmol Saini and Anny Loo

Who are we?
- AA Web Design
Services we provide:
- Website design
- Mobile app development
- E-commerce site design
- Internet marketing
Description about our client's Current problems
Time consuming
Lack of Security and Inconsistency
Forms can be lost, damaged or misplaced
Small Customer Base

How it will help Ruthless Real Estate
Less time consuming and more efficient to search for a record
Will be able to attract a larger audience since the website will be easily accessible to anyone with an internet connection
keep the clients informed about properties listed

Background of Ruthless Real Estate
Been in business for the past 15 years
recently business is slow. Hence, they now wish to increase their client base and attract more business by going international.
Ruthless Real Estate’s Current System
use of paper based forms to record details of sellers and the properties they are selling.
Why choose us?
Tailor designed website
Focused, dedicated and timely service
Profound experience
Website designed by us are easy to update and maintain
Best value for money
Scalable website designs hence, easy to expand to meet future needs
Functional decomposition diagram
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