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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

No description

Eric Maccoux

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

By James Patterson MAXIMUM RIDE:
protective Round
Dynamic Impenetrable in
beginning, but
slightly softens
up by end Will never
abandon her
Flock Itex Antagonist Flat
Static Giant worldwide
planning to cut the
human population
by half Did many experiments
on DNA, making many
mutants in the process,
including Max and the Flock Where: The United States, The School in California, Max's House, New York City, The Institute for Higher Living, Central Park When: Summer of 2009 First Person This is because the words I and me
are used. It is told from Max's viewpoint. "'Why am I always the superhero?' I asked myself, and dove down to catch Total."
-Max CHARACTER VS. CHARACTER Max VS. Voice: Max has a Voice in her
head, giving her directions and advice.
However, Max is very annoyed with the
Voice, as it is always there when she wants
to think personally. Max VS Ari: The two half-siblings both have
Jeb Batchelder, a scientist working for Itex, as
their father. Ari, however, was "programmed"
to be an Eraser, a wolf-human mutant designed
to kill Max and the Flock. This, of course, makes
Ari Max's worst enemy. CHARACTER VS SOCIETY The Flock VS Society: the Flock must always
stay undercover and lie low because they know
that if it is found out that they have wings, they
would most likely be subjected to government
testing, which would hurt a little. PLOT Expository: Max introduces herself and the Flock.
They all eat breakfast and go outside to pick raspberries. Rising Action: A group of Erasers appear and kidnap Angel, the youngest member of the Flock. The Flock must then venture to The School in California to rescue her, which they successfully do. They then head to New York City to find out more about Itex and their "unknown" parents. They find the Institute for Higher Living, which seems to have all the answers they need. Climax: Ari, Max's half-brother, finds Max
at the Institute and attempts to kill her. They battle
until Max ends up cracking Ari's neck in half. Falling Action: Nudge, using a new ability, easily hacks into the Institute mainframe, but they find little about their missing parents. Angel finds a room full of failed DNA experiments and quickly locates a dog with the nametag "Total". Max reluctantly lets her keep it, and the Flock escapes from the Institute. They decide that the best course of action is to get out of New York and fly south. Resolution: Max and the Flock fly away from
New York to escape Itex and the Institute. THEME,
TONE The moral that I learned was that no matter how freakish you are, you can still accomplish amazing things. For example, Max and the Flock easily rescued Angel from the School without any help. It really showed me what kids can do. At times, I was sad, especially when Angel was kidnapped
and when Ari was killed. The author really carried these emotions well in his writing. The style seems to be very upbeat,
mainly because of how the author
portrays Max. She talks like any
normal teenager would while still
protecting her Flock and saving
the world. In parts, the book has a cheerful tone, especially when
the Flock appears to be safe and comfortable. This mostly happens when the Flock is in New York City, when they are exploring and having fun. At other times, the book adopts an angry tone. This mostly happens during a battle scene, like when Max was fighting Ari near the end. THE END
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