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Wood Frame Construction

No description

Brielle Kaplan

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Wood Frame Construction

Where is this method used? This method is widely used almost everywhere in the world. It is by far the most common, and used in most, if not all, urban and suburban areas in many regions of the world. Materials needed 1) Wood (obviously)- The most commonly used typed of wood are Pine and Douglas Fir
2)Insulation- Usually made up of foam, used to keep out moisture and outside weather
3)Drywall pannel
4) Wood studs- usually placed about 16 inches apart
5) Exterior wall cladding
6)Nails and power-tools
7) A vapor barrier Special Skills/ permits needed steps to constructing a wood-frame home 1) Apply building permits and arrange materials that are needed
2) Prepare the site for construction
3) Build the foundation for the house
4) Inventory timbers and build the framework
5) Enclose the exterior (put on the roof and windows)
6) Install utilities (plumbing, wiring, A/C and heating, etc)
7) Finish exterior (painting, landscaping, etc) Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages:
Reduced site labor
Fast heating and more insulation
The wood is made in a factory, so quality of the materials being used is assured
It has exposure to bad weather before enclosed
Today, there are a lack of experienced builders in this area
The framework could decay over time or if exposed to moisture By: Giselle, Emma, Brielle, and Suzy Wood Frame Construction 1) Building permit
2) Roofing permit
3) Supplemental building permit
4) Site permit
5) Electrical permit
6) Mechanical permit
7) Plumbing permit
8) Fence permit
9) Low voltage permit
10) Fire alarm permit
11) Appliance permit Work Cited 1)http://www.environ.ie/en/Publications/DevelopmentandHousing/BuildingStandards/FileDownLoad,1677,en.pdf
3) http://dc.gov/DC/DCRA/Permits/Get+a+Permit/All+Building+Permit+Services?renderPage=0&357e5b6dd8269210VgnVCM1000002905c90aRCRD_itemsPerView=10&vgnextrefresh=1
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