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Booker T. Washington

No description

Braedan Stuart

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Booker T. Washington

What did he do?
Why is he famous?
Mr. Booker T. Washington was born at Hales Ford, which is in the northeastern corner of Franklin County, Virginia. He actually had a home in Alabama. It was named The Oaks and is now a National Park.
Booker T. Washington was a famous author, educator, and civil rights leader.
On April 5, 1856, Booker T. Washington was born a slave on the Burroughs' plantation. On July 4, 1881, he made the Tuskegee Institute in an old church. The next year, the first real Tuskegee Institute building is made with bricks students made themselves. In 1901, an autobiography (a biography written about the same person it's by) about Booker T. Washington was written called Up From Slavery. Another book is called Souls of Black Folk.
Booker T. Washington
He is famous for many things, such as starting the Tuskegee Institute, running the Tuskegee Institute and nurturing it, and publishing many books.
1856- Baby Booker is Born!
1865- Booker T. Washington is emancipated.
1875- Booker T. Washington teaches at the Hampton Institute.
1881- He opens the Tuskegee Institute in an old church.
1882- He opens the first fresh Tuskegee Institute building with bricks students made themselves.
1900- The book Story of My Life and Work is an autobiography and is published.
1903- Another autobiography is published- Up From Slavery.
Jobs by google.com
All other info by the National Park Service (NPS)
Put together by Braedan Stuart
A Short Biography
He was also adviser to Republican presidents.
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