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Fast food History

No description

Marco Tam

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of Fast food History

The Era of the Fast Food Nation IPP by Marco Tam From Home Cooked to Fast Food Bye bye
and Busboys Byebye
Silver Visions of the Fast Food Nation To provide fast and convenient foodstuffs with low prices and provide quick service Effectively eliminated the interaction between an organization before getting what they need No need to get ingredients Time Hello
and Paper Americans eat out 2-3 times a week 1 in 8 will eat fast food Everyday Good Atmosphere Spending Time Instant Gratification Minute Interaction Customer Loyalty Customer Centered Service Goods Centered Service Customers Outlook on Fast Food Cleanliness "speed, lower prices, and volume" Appearances are everything Fast Food = quickly and perfectly Drive throughs need to be fast in order to get the most sales. According to the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, Customer Satisfaction Level is 75 for the Fast Food Industry,
significantly lower than dine in or full service restaurants Food and the Economy Work force peaked in 1973 and slowly decreased Many women joined the workforce and in 1975 a third of American mothers worked outside their homes. Almost two thirds are employed now McDonalds is responsible for 90 percent of the new jobs in US They own 28 000 restaurants around the world
and have more every year Atleast 1 in every 8 workers has been employed at McDonalds They hire the unskilled workers and only pay minimum wage and at large fast food chains, they have amazing amounts of employment demand. This means the have an INFINITE
supply of workers. Technology has made Fast Food so much efficient
Food products are premade, frozen, and reheated They impact the economy through their massive demand for ingredients They have total control over the costs of suppliers Ray Kroc bought it and transformed it into a multi billion dollar corporation They are on of the largest distributors for toys McDonalds is the largest buyer of beef, pork and potatoes and the second largest for chicken Ronald McDonald is more recognized than every other fictional character with the exception of Santa Claus The Golden Arches, McDonalds trademarked symbol is more popular than the Christian Cross To encourage customers to return, Fast Foods employ gimmicks to boost sales. Toy's Novelty Foods Mascots
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