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Todd Mcfarlane- Presentation

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Ali Shahrestani

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Todd Mcfarlane- Presentation

Full Name: Todd McFarlane Childhood Years: Began drawing at an early age as a hobby.
Also played baseball when he was not drawing.
Looked up to comic creators such as John Bryne, Jack Kirby, and Frankie Miller. Date of Birth: March 16th, 1961 (Age 51) Place of Birth: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Teen Years: Graduated from William Aberhart High School on a baseball scholarship.
Created the famous comic character "Spawn" at 16 and spent countless hours perfecting it.
During High school he was the only one who did not raise his hand from the whole class to see who was going to university. he sat there doodling. Adult Life Brief Description: 1980's McFarlane attended Eastern Washington University on a baseball scholarship, and studied graphic art.
Suffered a career-ending ankle injury in junior year.
He then proceeded to strictly focus on drawing and working in a comic book store to pay his education.
He shared a trailer with his girlfriend Wanda.
Moved to Arizona and out of Canada to escape high Canadian taxes.
Got his Character "Spawn" published in late 90's.
Collects history making baseballs.
Had many movies, songs and shows with spawn. Adult Hood; Early Work: Sent out dozens of submission's, 700 submissions in total, most of which were pin-up form.
Half had no response and other half came back as rejection letters.
One of them did receive constructive criticism from "DC's" Sal Amendola, Who said to make a 5 page comic instead of pin-ups.
McFarlane took the advice and sent in a sample to "Uncanny X-Men" editor Ann Nocenti, who passed it to Archie Goodwin and Jo Duffy, the editors of the Marvel imprint epic comics, which published Coyote, they then passed it onto Coyote creator Steve Engleheart who offered McFarlane his first comic job.
Began Drawing for Marvel and DC in 1984. Major body of work began a 2 year run (1985-1987)
1987 he also illustrated the later 3 issues of Detective comics(Batman year two)
Moved to Marvels Incredible Hulk (1987-1988)
1988 joined writer David Micheline on Marvels "The Amazing Spider-Man" starting with issue #298.
McFarlane changed Spider-Mans original X webbing to Spaghetti.
McFarlane was the first artist to draw Eddie Brock the original of Venom.
He was paid $700 to draw issue #313 of Amazing Spider-Man. Which in 2010 sold for $71,200.
After a 28 issue run of Amazing Spider-Man McFarlane told editor Jim Salicrup he grew tired of drawing other peoples stories and would be leaving around issue #328 to write his own work.
Salicrup offered McFarlane his own Spider-Man story simply called "Spider-Man" which McFarlane both wrote and illustrated.
"Spider-Man" #1 sold 2,5 million copies.
McFarlane left the book on the #17 issue due to creative clashes witht the new editor Danny Fingerothe. Adult Hood; Image Comics: McFarlane left Marvel studios with 6 other popular artists to form "image comics" which each owned a publishing house.
McFarlane Studios, Todd McFarlane Production; Published his creation. The occult themed "Spawn.
Upon Release Spawn #1 sold 1.7 Million copies sold. Still a record for an independent comic book.
Spawn was launched in 1992 with McFarlane as artist/writer for the first 7 issues.
Guest writers such as Alan Moore, Neil Gaimen, Dave Sim, and Frank Miller, were brought on issues 8-11 while McFarlane continued as artist.
McFarlane today still continues with his comics and has had what in the beginning started with 6 people and now is a huge comic industry.
He has had movies, Shows, and music videos dedicated to Spawn.
Todd McFarlane also drew the cover art for Korn, and Iced Earths. Interviews/Sports Stan Lee interviewed Todd McFarlane in episode 1 of the 1991 documentary series "The Comic Book Greats".
In 2000 he was the subject of a National Film Board of Canada documentary Devil you Know: Inside the Mind of Todd McFarlane.
Was former minority owner of the Edmonton Oilers.
had a few legal issues in the past. Accomplishments/Achievements 1992 Nation Cartoonist Society award for best comic book.
1992 Ink Pot Award.
2000 Grammy award for best short music video for "Freak on a Leash".
Received the "National Football League" artist of the year award for his work on Program covers for the Baltimore Ravens.
McFarlane was inducted into the Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame, on June 18, 2011 at the Joe Shuster Awards in Calgary. Comics McFarlane has worked on: DC: All-star Squadron #47 (along with Mike Clark) (1985)
Detective Comics #576-568 (batman year 2) (1987)
Infinity Inc. # 14-37 (full art); Annual #1-2 (among other)(1985-1987)
Invasion!, Mini series, #1-2(1989)

Image Comics: Cyberforce #8 (1994)
Image Comics summer special #1 (2004)
Image Comics hardcovers(Spawn Story) (2005)
Spawn # 1-15, 21-24(Full Art), #26-33 (along with Greg Cadullo) (1992-1995); #190-200(among other artists) (2010)
Spawn/Batman #1 (1994)

Marvel: Amazing Spider-Man #298-323,325,328 (1988-1990)
Coyote #11-14 (1985)
Daredevil #241 (1987)
G.I Joe: A Real American Hero #60 (1987)
G.I Joe Special #1 (1995)
Incredible Hulk #330-334, 336-345, (1987-1988)
Marvel holiday Special (Spider-man) (2004)
Spectacular Spider-Man Annual (1990)
Spider-Man #1-14, 16 (1990-1991)
Spitfire and The TroubleShooters (1987) Spawn Thank You Why I Think Todd McFarlane is a good Role Model? I think he is a good role model because:
1. He shows that never giving up does lead you somewhere.
2. He is a very creative person.
3. He is very Ambitious.
Different types of Spawn? There is more then one version of Spawn. Original: Hell Spawn Angel Spawn Holy Spawn Different Spawn Series Spawn: Blood Feud
Spawn miniseries during 1995, issues 1-4. Written by Alan Moore. Drawn by Tony Daniel. Ink by Kevin Conrad.

Spawn The Impaler
Three-issue miniseries released in October 1996, inspired by the story of the Wallacian voivode Vlad Ţepeş. Written by Mike Grell with art by Rob Prior.

Spawn: The Dark Ages
This series focused on Lord Covenant, a 12th Century knight killed in a holy crusade far from his homeland, who returns to Earth as a Hellspawn. As a plague of violence and turmoil cover the English countryside, the Dark Knight must choose whether to align himself with the innocent inhabitants of the once-thriving kingdom or with the malevolent forces of evil and corruption. The series ran for 28 issues. Issues 15-28 featured writer Steve Niles and artist Nat Jones.

Curse of the Spawn
Tales of other Hellspawn and Spawniverse characters, including Sam & Twitch, Angela, Jessica Priest, and Antonio Twistelli.

Spawn: Blood and Salvation
A prestige-format one shot that concludes the story of Daniel Llanso, the Hellspawn featured in the first four issues of Curse of the Spawn.

A relatively avant-garde spin-off comic inspired by Spawn. Darker and more atmospheric than Spawn, Hellspawn frequently dealt with disturbing subject matter. It originally featured writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ashley Wood.

Spawn: Blood and Shadows
A Spawn prestige-format one shot released in 1999. Written by Paul Jenkins with art by Ashley Wood.

Sam & Twitch + Case Files: Sam & Twitch
A spin-off series following the crime investigations of detectives Sam Burke and Twitch Williams. Sam and Twitch ended in 2003 after 26 issues, to be followed by Case Files.

Spawn: The Undead
This series concentrates on Al Simmons. Unlike the original Spawn series, it was self-contained, single-issue stories. Written by Paul Jenkins it lasted 9 issues.

Spawn: Godslayer
Originally a prestige format one-shot, Godslayer became an ongoing series.

Spawn: Simony
Published in 2003 by Semic of France, McFarlane allowed the creators (Jean-François Porchero and Alex Nikolavitch) to create an original Spawn tale without using Image comics.

Shadows of Spawn
Recently released on American shores are three graphic novel compilations of the Spawn manga, known as Shadows of Spawn.

Spawn: Architects of Fear
A prestige format one-shot released in February 2008. Written by Arthur Claire with artwork by Aleksi Briclot.
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