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No description

Toni Santana

on 25 August 2016

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Transcript of ESOP35

ESOPXXXV, University of Surrey
August 19th-23rd, 2016
Asteroid modeling - lightcurve inversion
Gaia mission
Gaia-GOSA: you can contribute with your observations!
Expected results
>0.2m (8-inch) telescope (guiding)
S/N > 50
FOV > 6 arcminutes
CCD camera
Filters (opt)
Talk Overview
1) Asteroid shape modelling: combining photometry and occultation chords

2) Asteroid science with photometry from Gaia mission

3) Gaia-GOSA: you can contribute to Gaia with your observations

4) Enhancing Gaia-GOSA by adding stellar occultation: ideas are welcome!
Predictions list
Gaia-GOSA follow-up targets
To be done... ideas are very welcome!
Gaia-GOSA "hot targets"
Binary asteroids
Slow rotators (P>20h)
Fast rotators (P<3h)
Your suggested targets!
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