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Sarah H

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Immigration

Sarah Handsworth
"Is it be possible for immigration to be sustainable, with our present day regulations and beliefs?"
25% of U.S. teen dropouts are immigrants because of the lack of help and guidance.
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If they stopped allowing immigrants, Australia would already be meeting its targets to cut pollution.
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With 1.1 million immigrants coming to the U.S every year, it is already over populated.
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Countries that Produce the Most Green House Gases
Where the immigrants are going
14 % of immigrants who are university-educated and have come to Canada in the last five years are without a job.
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71.4 percent of the Illegal Immigrants in the U.S are in the workforce.
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Sustainable SOLUTIONS
To stop immigrants from dropping out of school, we need to stop discriminating, and encourage and guide the students through their education.
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We need to give immigrants equal opportunities and not waste their knowledge and expertise.
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We need to guide immigrants to eco-friendly countries and cities. To ensure that we don't increase the Green House Gas emissions.
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Top 10 Greenest Countries
To ensure that over-population doesn't become extreme, we need to improve education and the work opportunities in the immigrants home countries.
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To ensure that immigrants aren't working illegally, we should give them temporary work visas. This will help the immigrant and the employer. Instead of punishing we need to be helping.
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