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Atakapa Tribe

No description

juliana romero

on 10 April 2015

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Transcript of Atakapa Tribe

Atakapa Tribe


Who are the Atakapans?

The Atakapans are a Southeastern culture of Native American tribes who spoke the language Atakapa ; . Like history says, they lived along the Gulf of Mexico. They like to call themselves the Ishak which means ‘The People,’ in Atakapan language.

The word Atakapa
"Atakapa" originated from a Choctaw word
meaning "man-eaters". This only came from the legends and stories told that they where cannibals. Atakapa might have been intended for the Karankawas. They also speak English today.

After looking for the word 'Atakapa Tribe', we came across really interesting pictures of Native American tribes, and this picture of Justin Bieber's native American tattoo. This shows how their appearences are stereotyped because this is the typical stereotyped Native American or Indian.
We also came across this picture and we thought we'd use it as an example because this is the typical way any Native American or Indian person would normally be stereotyped, just as the Atakapan Tribe was.

This painting is titled 'An Attakapas,' made by Alexandre de Batz in 1735. This is what an Atakapan tribe member actually looked like.
The man in this drawing has dark skin, feathers and braids.
The man in this picture has feathers and a dark person's features
The native American tribes are usually
stereotyped as to always wear feathers and
have red or dark skin, when it wasn't like that in every tribe, like this one.
APPARENCE (as in outfits and looks)
Example of apparence stereotype :
Example of apparence stereotype #2
Ignoble savages

Another example of
a stereotype
Example of culture stereotype:
A big part of culture is the dances they have, so they are stereotyped to wear huge and colorful outfits. This can also be a part of their appearance.
Their only known ritual would be cannibalism but it is not a proven fact like i said.
The tribe is known for their fine pottery made from the red clay they use. This is something they do as a part of the Atapaka culture.
Example of culture stereotypes #2:
Native Americans are often stereotyped to only eating corn.
As you can see in this picture
it look like they
are telling stories using paint they probably made.
This isn't always the case

This is a scene from the movie "Brother Bear"
The Atakapa tribe eats
more meat than any
other type of corn.

This stereotype is from a video we have
seen in class, it is from a scene of peter of Peter Pan with stereotypical
"indians" who are basically dancing around a fire and making noises, this would be an example of an ignoble savage
"Atakapa Indian Fact Sheet." Facts for Kids: Atakapa Indians (Atakapas). N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Sept. 2014.
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