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Street Walking

Incite Agency Elmer Chen Deepa Iyengar Tatyana Koblyakova Megan Burkly Sarita Lo

Tatyana Koblyakova

on 24 February 2010

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Transcript of Street Walking

The Secret Affairs of STDs Street Walking Categories Co-dependent
Are accompanied by others
Trust the companion with their security
Hello! My name is Henry! Who are we targeting? Meet Ann! Age: 53

Occupation: accountant

Marital Status: married for 22 years

Infidelities : has been involved with a co-worker previously, now found a new lover online

Lifestyle: Works 40+ hours a week, eats out 10+ times a week, busy and organized schedule

Knowledge of STDs: mild

Creative Strategy The Paranoid Type A Street-Sidlers Look multiple times both ways before and during crossing of a street
Faster walker

The ideal cross walker
Look to right and left
Cross at a straight line
Steady stroll

Usually crosses at an angle
Slow pace
Believes people should stop for him

Age: 50

Occupation: engineer

Marital Status: married for 25 years with 3 kids

Infidelities : had 2 separate relationships during his marriage

Lifestyle: Works fulltime, plays golf on Sundays, enjoys escape from daily life

Knowledge of STDs: mild

Print/online execution Press Release Article covers study statistics:
percent of the demographic that's sexually active
Average number of partners
Percentage of people having an affair
Percentage of people who use condoms while in an affair Case Study Comminsion a study

state universities

sexuality and infedelity of 50-70 yrs David charns:

"Our "new studies" come from national giants like CNN or NBC."

CNN and NBC provide video services for stories local stations
wouldn't cover Ashley Madison Private Affairs Affair Club Married women looking for discreet affairs

20% are 50+

69,200 50+ people per month “Life’s short, have an affair”

Caters to married "singles"

5.2 million members,

911,000 visitors per month

20% website visitors are 50+

CEO claims Texas is the
company’s fastest growing

go mobile! “If you can’t be
good, Be careful!” targets
male adulterers

"If lipstick were the only thing you brought home"

"Keep your affairs in check, use a condom"
~a message from the TDSHS stop oncoming vehicles and pedestrians with their define glance or a hand gesture
confrontational attitude

The Confident Video execution •“STDs are a young person's problem”
•“Teens today know more about STDs than us”
•“Why use protection, if you can't get pregnant”
•“People in affairs assume
that their affair is
monogamous" Personal Interviews INCITE AGENCY PHD Sex Therapist from the University of Texas at Austin
Penelope Frohlich "Women put a higher priority on being appealing than on being safe" Elmer Chen
Deepa Iyengar
Tatyana Koblyakova
Megan Burkly
Sarita Lo
"Many of my married patients have gotten out of the habit of using condoms. However, some of them cheat on their significant others" Ralph Posch
American Board Certified Urologist
Street Sidler
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