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All About Venus!

Venus Missions by: Jake Lucas, Dallas Zinn, Jacob Dunn, and Shafer Hess

Bridget Steele

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of All About Venus!

All About Venus Missions!!!
By: Shafer, Jacob, Jake, and Dallas
Mission 1: Mariner 2
Passed within 22,000 mi of Venus
Contact lost: 1/3/63 We are here to give some more information about the Venus Missions
Mission 2: Mariner 5
June 14, 1967
In Solar Orbit
Closest Venus Fly-by
Mission 3: Mariner 10
Passed Venus 2/5/74
Arrived at Mercury 3/29/74 Mission 4: Pioneer Venus 1
May 20, 1978
Entered Venus Orbit 12/4/78
Spent 14 Years Studying Planet
Mission 5: Pioneer Venus 2:
August 8, 1978
Encountered Venus, Probe Impacted Surface Mission 6: Magellan
May, 4 1989
Landed on Venus
orbitied and mapped Venus Thanks for Watching
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