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Transcript of Oriflame

Twitter... A Micro-Blogging tool for business marketing
Tweeter profiles of Oriflame, Avon and Mary Kay
Final Comments
Let's take a look on the share of fans and growth rate on Facebook
A snapshot of the Fan Pages and people talking about
Mary Kay has the highest "Talking about this" rate with a 4.8%, followed by Oriflame with a 2.7% and the lowest rate goes for Avon with 1.2%.
Oriflame and Social Media
The main objective of the research is to have an overview of how Oriflame is acting on social media networking sites, compared with Avon and Mary Kay.

The importance of having a strong social media presence is the fact that it can help Oriflame to increase the interaction with the sales team and customers with the brand and will help to
increase sales.

May 26, 2014
Nancy Madelaine Valle

A growing fact
for Oriflame
Oriflame needs to grow 6.28 times faster in order to have the amount of fans that Avon will within the next 3 months if growing at the rate of this brand remains at 8.74%.

If Oriflame achieves this challenge you will find that the Facebook page will have by the end of August, 9,583,147 fans.
Findings on Facebook....
Oriflame could exploit many opportunities using social media marketing to engage consumers and sales people.

Helping tools...
- Development of an app for Iphone/Android
- A blog for advices, new launches, tips, etc.
- Photos on Instagram with people from the region using the products
- Most important... Get salespeople aboard the social media train. This is a powerful tool for growing sales.

Brand Audit on Social Media MKT for Oriflame
We can observe that there are 15,740,594 fans for all of the brands. Avon has 56% of this people, Oriflame about 33% and Mary Kay only 11%. We can also note that Avon has 58% more fans than Oriflame, almost 400% more than Mary Kay.
Growth Rates for the last trimester
The brand that shows the highest growth rate on the past 7 days and on the last three months is Mary Kay, followed by
Oriflame with a monthly growth of 4.08%, and 13.79% respectively. We can expect that Oriflame will have about 5,843,833 fans by August if the
growth rate remains constant.
Share of fans for the three brands
- Avon is the only brand that has a strong Facebook Page
for Central America. Both brands, Oriflame and Mary Kay
need to work on having a regional page to interact with their fans.

- One can find pages of independent consultants
(Oriflame Xela e.g.) which may not have and
adequate management of the page
and the company could be loosing
sales opportunities.

- Avon is promoting the interaction
with fans using contests as an strategy
and they are having a good answer.
This is one of many low-cost strategies
that Oriflame can exploit to be closer
with their fans and create brand
One of the main advantages of Twitter is the fact that it allows Oriflame to know in real time what are people talking about the brand and products on real time. Let's see some examples using key terms about the brand:
Tweets containing "Oriflame", "Avon" or "Mary Kay"
On the last 30 days, Avon has the highest number of tweets per day - 73% higher than Oriflame.
Compared with Mary Kay, Oriflame has 13% more tweets per day.
Sharing the love with the brands and with followers...
Tweets using the words "Oriflame", "Tender Care", "Giordani Gold" or "Bioclinic"
"Tender Care" is the second word that appears the most, after Oriflame.
Connecting the words "Oriflame Tender Care"
We can find 1.5 daily tweets of people talking about the No.1 product of Oriflame.
Oriflame Tender Care Balm
Behavior on Central America and Dominican Republic / Oriflame followers
Tweets per day refers to the number of daily posts.
People from around the world post prices, discounts, and pictures about the product.
"Love Oriflame"
"Love Avon"
Findings about
Mary Kay
Some examples of the tweets
People talk about the Avon accesories, hair products using videos.
More comments about Avon...
We can find people talking about the catalogue, shipping, etc.
Both, men and women mentioned the brand on their tweets.
233 Tweets between April 25th and May 25th containing "Love Oriflame"
Oraflame has 8 twets per day from the followers of the brand.
"My favorite lipstick from Oriflame"
Top Comments
Sentiments about "Oriflame"
"Oriflame... it's being able to touch somebody's life i love oriflame"
People talking about the products and emotions about the brand.
"Love Mary Kay"
Mary Kay has a daily average of 36.9 tweets/day.
In detail: "Love Mary Kay"
Avon has 43 tweets per day from the followers of the brand.
Comments including "Centroamérica"
@Claudia Romero could be considered as a top user because of the frequency of her posts.
More than a half of the posts belong to @Red Socios Oriflame. It is necessary to increase the interaction of the sales team and customers of Oriflame.
El Salvador and Honduras
Almost all the tweets from El Salvador communicate the events of Oriflame.
The only post from Honduras was done 23 days ago.
Oriflame Nicaragua gives information about the customer services and products.
Costa Rica
Followers from Oriflame Costa Rica are inviting people to become part of the sales team which has an impact on sales!
Dominican Republic
Followers from Dominican Republic are also inviting people to be part of Oriflame.
Red Socios Oriflame
Avon Centroamérica
Mary Kay en Guatemala
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