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Zero Concept or Number?

No description

Thuoght20 Water

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Zero Concept or Number?

"The Zero" Theory
Zero, Concept or Number?
You might as well say that zero is a number or a concept, it's barely any different to a paradox (which is a question with no answer), If you simply think that zero is a number listen on ,and if you have answers or questions please tell us at the end of this prezi and let our speech begin...
Zero divide a by Zero theory

"The Zero"Theory
This was made to Stop the Argument
(for good would be nice)
O's place value

-The Gansta
Concept or
Number !
Besides What the purple said
Hey no need to come here
Fractions Are Fun :D
Ancient Zero
(what they used for zero)
Now down to business
Firstly lets think about fractions close to zero..
...Yeah i got nothing

WAIT let me search the web
Ok i found some cool info
Now think zero is nothing and
you could have infity of nothing
So when you have a fraction close to zero
how big (or small) would that fraction be

I was reading up on the Brahmagupta theory and i found out that he thought that zero divided by zero is zero

Add in a little speech after his talk...
Geez don't you know how to read if i tell you about zero will you

Fractions close to Zero
I was born on the 26th of the 4th 650BC
and i have an IQ of 250.
I went back into my bibliography and found some info
for your prazi
i found out that in China estimated around the 1st and fith
century that they used "counting rods" for there math. And according to the History of Mathematics when using zero in any
number they would leave and empty space
m the smart one around here
I know that most people nowadays think that it is "undefined" but in the end i really don't care what they think, I AM RIGHT!

Ok reasons for the answer for 0 0 is zero ...
Well dividing is seeing how much something can
go into something else and seeing how zero is nothing
when you divide it by nothing then that answer is nothing
because there's nothing to fit inside nothing.

Ok all i know about zero,
That zero is nothing and it can be apart of a billion look try tell the difference
0 000 000
then you have
1 000 000
and just because change from the 1st zero to a one 1 the number changes to a million?
how does that make sense?
But when you think about it
zero just holds place value in the
number and makes it bigger
I will talk about one more civilisation and how they used zero
Ok wow so many i choose the...
THe GreEk and RoMans

When i was about 390yrs old
which is about 130BC the
Greeks and romans used glyphs
for numbers and the one for
zero was a weird arrow with a
dot above it.
Oh leave the whole speech
down to me niiice :/.
I am the old and wise
Green Note
Speech- Miia Niskanen
Prezi, Editing , Table presentaion -Thorne Blackman
Animation -Sarah

Zero a concept or a number
ok just so everyone gets what this means
a concept is an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics in particular, a construct.
Philosophically, you can't really have a zero of things, because the
thing which is zero doesn't really exist. In fact, if you do count
things that don't really exist, you will have an infinite number of
those things since there is no limit to things that you can imagine
existing (which is rather an interesting fact).
In mathematics, many definitions and rules go haywire when they try to deal with zero. The two most used bounds
for evaluating the limit of a function are in fact 0 and infinity.

So it seems obvious that there is a deep intricate relationship between zero and infinity. And like infinity, it seems that zero should just be considered a concept. Furthermore, by making zero a concept we would be able to avoid writing those exceptions to rules where we have to specify that the equation is true as long as something is not zero.

Well i have a small diagram to show you
And as you can see the closest know finite number is
And now you know

Ancient Egyptian numerals were base 10. They used hieroglyphs for the digits and were not positional. By 1740 BCE the Egyptians had a symbol for zero in accounting texts. The symbol nfr, meaning beautiful, & Zero was also used to indicate the base level in drawings of tombs and pyramids and distances were measured relative to the base line as being above or below this line.
Im certain
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