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Arundeep last name

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of algebra

Shealtiel and Arundeep's Project on
class. I also use it when I am cooking.
How do you think math will affect a students' future?
A students' future will be greatly affected. Math can affect your future plans. I think that because if you want to do something like investing in the stock market, and you can't figure out how much profit you will make, you can run into a big loss.
I have one last question. So how would you feel if math is taken away from the curriculum?
At first I would be happy because I wouldn't have to do all of those math world problems and deal with x's and y's anymore, but later on, I would be kind of tensed because my future would be affected. What I want to be in life requires me to know math, so I wouldn't be so happy.
Thank you for your time. This is Eyewitness News reporter, Arundeep, live from Fort Lee, NJ. Shealtiel, back to you.
This video shows that math helps convert measurements. It also helps expand convert the recipe for a more or less amount.
These are the math conversions used in cooking.
In cooking, math will help you:
calculate the amount of time it will take to make a dish
convert measurements
read a recipe
balance and change a recipe evenly according to the number of servings needed
measure the amount of an ingredient
putting the right temperature
Students in an architecture class
This is Arundeep reporting live from Fort Lee, NJ, where the board of education is thinking about taking mathematics out of the curriculum. Here with me today is my sister, who has some thoughts on this issue. On a scale from 1-10, how important do you think it is for someone to learn math in his/her lifetime? Why?
Well I believe that it is very important, so 10. I believe this because technically, many things in this world are based on math and in order for students to survive and do something in this world, he/she needs to know math. For example, food, in order to cook you need to know measurements or else the food will be ruined.
What do you think the board of education should do?
I think the board shouldn't take math out of the curriculum since math is one of the most important subjects in school. Without math, the world would have been a different type of place, most importantly, architecture would have been different.
How do you use math in your everyday life?
I use math a lot in my day, I use it when I am in math, business, and architecture
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