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Copy of Henry Hudson Biography Peice 2.

Peice 2

Mohammad Iqbal

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Henry Hudson Biography Peice 2.

Hudson's Personal life...
Henry Hudson Biography
Hudson's Reason For Exploring...
Hudson's Birth & Death...
Henry Hudson explored because he worked for a trading company and since there were no planes back then, they had to travel by ship across large bodies of water. Hudson wanted to find a quicker way to travel to the Far East from Europe to be able to make quicker trips between the two.
Henry Hudson was born in England, some time between 1565-1570 and he had died in 1611. While looking for a short cut from Europe to the Far East, the crew suffered cold weather but Hudson would not let them leave untill he found the shortcut. This forced the members to put Henry, his son and the seven other members into a small boat, but they were never heard from again which lead to assuming Henry Hudson and the others died.
Not much is known about Hudson or his personal life. What is known is that he rasied his two son's, John and Bennet. Also, John Davis was his grandfather.
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