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Germany Presentation

International Management

Brittanee Fields

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Germany Presentation

Fifth largest economy in the world
~Machinery, Vehicles, and Chemicals
Economic downfall shrinking .5% in GDP
Unemployment rate 5.40%
1 million vacant jobs
Shortage of unskilled labor
Center of Europe Germany Germany's second largest financial center
One of the world's most successful cities in the support service industry
A European base for over 5,000 multinational businesses
Key role in German foreign trades Düsseldorf Deutschland Temporary Agency International Management Brittanee Chatman, Jon Marotto,
Josh Coy, Paul Eberenz,
Minkyoung Kim WELCOME TO DTA We strive to provide the highest quality services by fully committing to all temporary employment needs Clients
German businesses with business professional vacancies
Specialize in:
~Accounting ~Advertising
~Economics ~Finance
~Hospitality ~Human Resource
~International ~Management
Bachelors Degree or higher
Multilingual Organizational
Sturcture Financing
Start-up costs $55,000
~Material Items
~Legal Fees & Licenses
~Hiring of Direct Employees
WGZ Bank
London Stock Exchange Strengths SWOT STRENGTHS
Centered around client and candidate needs
Highly educated candidates proficient in entering and adapting to new environments
Diverse skill set WEAKNESSES
New Business
No Brand Recognition
No Reputation
Lack of Experience in Industry OPPORTUNTIES
Geographical location provides large pool of prospective customers
Growing Economy = Growth of Company THREATS
Diverse and established temporary agencies causing levels of high competition Thank You for Your Attention
Intensive Competitor Analysis
Differentiation in Services Services
Screening and Recruitment
On-Site Management and Training
Follow-up and Support
Customized Staffing
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