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IBS Case Study: B2B Marketing Awards 2010

IBS was nominated for the Best International Campaign at the B2B Marketing Awards 2010. Here's what we did.

lucy longhurst

on 16 August 2010

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Transcript of IBS Case Study: B2B Marketing Awards 2010

IBS makes great
distribution software.
They operate in various sectors, especially
automotive, electrical components,
paper & packaging and pharmaceutical.
Over 4,000 customers across the world use IBS software to get to grips with key distribution value drivers.

The Campaign Goals:
• Consolidate the web infrastructure for global marketing campaigns
• Position IBS as a thought leader
• Generate leads and feed the CRM system
Key targets:
Mid-to-large distribution and wholesale businesses. We’re now writing and designing an ongoing series of eBooks on the value drivers:


The first eBook, on the Six Margin Killers, has already resulted in 1,050 downloads from 4000 views: a conversion rate of 26%. “With a great platform, solid positioning and fantastic content my marketing managers have been able to execute successfully at the local level with some neatly targeted execution and we can support them every step of the way with campaign data gathered from analytics."

Andy Bailey, CMO IBS Client Testimonial Consolidated the website.

This image from the home page shows how all the local countries now use one platform, one message and one content marketing strategy. What we did This is the form we used to capture information
about downloads. These leads are passed to sales. These are:
cash www.velocitypartners.co.uk
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