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No description

Lauren Brenton

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of ArtyApt

The Problem The Mission Recent college graduates want inexpensive, unique artwork they can use to decorate their apartment. They want to decorate their apartment in a way that defines their taste and personal style. ArtyApt will connect people with free, high-resolution images to download and places to print the artwork at an inexpensive price. Situation Anaylsis Research Creative Media Plan The Audience Recent college graduates and young professionals. Beginning full-time careers. 21- to 28-year-olds renting apartments in cities where they live and work. Looking to invest in various artwork they can keep throughout their adult life. Earn between $25,000 and $30,000 a year, and have a budget of $100. Value unique artwork but don't want to break their post-graduation budget. The Strengths An existing online following established by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design team. Provides unique artwork compiled in one place for easy access. The Weaknesses The Opportunities Provide easy access to public domain images of high resolution for printing. Partnerships and marketing opportunities with online printers. Include artist features to highlight talent struggling to get noticed. The Threats Images should be public domain. Websites and stores that offer inexpensive posters and artwork. Provide images that appeal to a broad audience, but also remain specific and unique. ArtyApt.com lacks focus and could be
better structured to showcase available artwork. Secondary Primary Competitors Allposters.com Offers wide variety of products, but the artwork is typical. They also offer mounting and framing. Buycheapposters.com Has an easily accesible website with a variety of posters, which are the same posters found at college poster sales. Discountpostersale.com Similar to other competitors, with the same variety of products, though at a slightly higher price. Online Survey Most common artwork displayed on walls: Posters 59% Photographs 45% Art Prints 39% 's Flavor of the Week March 22,2010 's Flavor of the Week March 1,2010 's Flavor of the Week March 8,2010 's Flavor of the Week March 15,2010 's Flavor of the Week April 5,2010 Type of posters displayed on walls: Recommendations Use Twitter and Facebook as a way to drive more people to the website. Redesign the website so that it is more user-friendly. Focus on the audience's limited budget when suggesting printers. Creative Brief Why are we advertising? We want to raise awareness of the free, high-resolution artwork that ArtyApt.com has to offer. Who are we talking to? Our audience is eager to seek out artwork that rises above average standards. They want their apartment to give a clear representation of their intellectual style. What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey? People can find or submit high-resolution images that characterize their personality and taste at ArtyApt.com. Why should the audience believe it? ArtyApt.com is driven by the ideas and hard work of their peers. There is a sense of community about ArtyApt that makes visitors feel like they are contributing to a larger dialogue about wall art. Creative Plan Creative Strategy Statement In this campaign we will promote the ongoing development of ArtyApt.com by using social media to create a community of ArtyApt users and contributors. Objective 1 We will redesign the format of ArtyApt.com to make the website more user-friendly. Objective 2 We will increase our audience size to 1,000 followers on Twitter and 500 fans on Facebook by the end of the campaign. Objective 3 We will communicate via social media to connect with our audience. Objective 4 We will connect the audience with an inexpensive place to print the artwork they download. Tactics Tactic 1: Website Redesign Tactic 2: Social Media Tactic 3: iPhone Application Tactic 4: ArtyApt Photobooth Tactic 5: Collateral Budget:$50,000 Music Festival Promotion: 50% Website Content Update:20% iPhone Application:20% Website Redesign:5% Event Collateral:4.8% Scavenger Hunt:0.2% Future Steps Hire a professional to revamp ArtyApt.com Ensure the new website includes Flickr photo stream.
Goal for Completion: June 6,2010 Hire a professional to make an ArtyApt.com iPhone application Include the Flickr photo stream, an option to set photos as wallpaper and a link to send images to email inboxes. Goal for Completion: August 6,2010 Establish a street team to organize and run music festival promotional events Goal for Completion: June 6,2010 Utilitize college students who are looking for internships in marketing, advertising or event planning. Evaluation The number of visitors to ArtyApt.com Gaining 1,000 Twitter followers Reaching 500 Facebook fans Reaching 1,000 downloads of the iPhone Application Giving away 25 prints at each ArtyApt music festival promotion Giving away at least 100 water bottles at each ArtyApt music festival promotion Take at least 350 photos at each ArtyApt music festival promotion Expectations Minimum of one tweet per week @ArtyApt with your initials Develop Twitter followers by reaching out to researched audience Goal:1,000 Followers Goal:500 Fans Recruit Facebook fans among your friends Minimum one blog post per month, with a visual
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