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DAC Peer Review of Korea

Partner Country Field Visit - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

OECD DAC peer reviews

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of DAC Peer Review of Korea

DAC Peer Review of Korea
Partner Country Visit: Cambodia
Korea and Cambodia: a strong partnership
Perspectives from the field
Cambodia's Economic Success
Remarkable economic progress
Newly found oil deposits
Growth in the tourism sector

Textile and garment industry the largest source of job growth for female workers
economy grew at almost 10% per annum
Young population (56% under 25): jobs critical
Needs to diversify its economy
Endemic corruption
among the poorest in the world
heavily dependent on agriculture
lacks infrastructure
Development Assistance to Cambodia
Donor Co-ordination in Cambodia
Korean Development Co-operation in Cambodia
Cambodia: priority partner country
7th largest bilateral donor
Country Partnership Strategy
Brings grants and loans together and
Builds on effective local stakeholder consultations
Korean ODA to Cambodia
Korea’s bilateral programme is aligned to Cambodia’s priorities
Wide appreciation within the Cambodian government of Korea’s efforts to increase its ODA
Aid Modalities....
a mix of grants and loans
highest in the area of economic infrastructure
Increasing synergies between grants and loans, but more is desired
Need to set clear timeline for untying
Organisation & Management
the field team is supported by the ODA Council
Links between HQ & Field are good
Field-level DoL between KOICA & EDCF is clear
Effective working relations
increased engagement in the aid management architecture
ODA Council needs to be equipped with the necessary authority
grants & loans to be better integrated
Continue to engage & cement its position within the donor community
Support fewer & larger programmes, more joint efforts
Make more use of local staff
Summary Conclusions
Korea's programme for Cambodia
Aid effectiveness principles
Organisation & Management
highly valued as a reliable, long-term development partner
more needs to be done: use of country system, untying.
ensure an adequate delegation of authority, sufficient resources & promote a whole-of-government approach.
Cambodia's economic & development context
Korean development co-operation in Cambodia
Summary conclusions
Cambodia's Development Challenges
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