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Social Networking

School districts policy decisions surrounding social networking both in and out of school specifically for teachers.

Kristen Quirk

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Networking

Social Media and Networking Ethical Issues Legal Issues The Business World Liberty vs. Security Current Reality What do the teachers think? Who can we learn from? 82% of teachers said they engage in social media Only 41% of teachers surveyed said they were familiar with the PA Code of Coduct 100% of teachers strongly agree that they should not have contact with students who have yet to graduate from high school 88% of teachers surveyed said they care about what their boss, colleagues, and students think when posting material online 65% of teachers feel as though their First Amendment rights would be violated through a social media policy extending outside of school. 47% of teachers agree that their boss has the right to know how they are portraying themselves online 100% of teachers believe that the district should not monitor social networks after school hours 65% of teachers agree that a formal social network policy, which would include out of school useage, should be adopted 65% agree that it is ok to have online contact with former students once they graduate from high school Most Popular Social Media Apps among surveyed teachers
1. YouTube
2. Facebook
3. Web 2.o apps
4. RSS feeds
5. Flickr
7. iGoogle The Policy Timeline ...71....................91...95..98....03..04 Email Personal Websites Classmates.com
1st social network Blogs
MySpace Facebook Social media are media designed to be disseminated through social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques (Wikipedia 2010) Stats Over 10 million photos on Facebook Over 350 million users on Facebook Over 100 million users on MySpace Twitter is growing at a rate of 1,382% in a year Bebo had 3.2 million visitors last year In Septmeber 2008 LinkedIn saw 11.9 million unique visitor 22 million registered members on Fotolog 75 million members on Friendster YouTube drew 5 billion U.S. video views in 2008 Code of Conduct Public employee speech Instant Gratification People are more willing to post personal information on the internet than they would tell an individual face to face. Internet does not equate to private conduct Why? Do we need to consider a policy? Common sense isn't always used Social media use is growing at exponential rates. Proactive vs. Reactive Guidelines for employees for communicating online Privacy is non-existant with regard to social media. Ethics extends to all forms of communication Teachers and their actions influence students in and out of the classroom Protected or unprotected Other districts Professional educators shall exhibit acceptable and professional language and communication skills. Individual professional conduct reflects upon the practices, values, integrity and reputation of the profession. http://socialmediagovernance.com/policies.php?f=5 Over 85% of Americans use social media monthly. The Options 1. Do nothing
2. Policy for school hours only
3. Policy covering in and and out of school
4. Policy banning social media use Regulatory in nature What is the problem? Consequences Intended and Unintended 1. Teachers are protected
2. Students are protected
3. Get everyone on the same page
4. Avoid a potential ugly situation
5. More responsible online activity
6. Multiple initial discipline issues Would eventually need to look at student and perspective emplyee use http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_social_networking_websites Why not?
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