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Gordon and Macensey

this is gordon and macenseyFeeT FirsT

Bothkennar Primary

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Gordon and Macensey

canal walk 1 FEET FIRST canal walk 2 canal walk 3 canal walk 4 canal walk 5 canal walk 6 On our first canal walk we went to the Falkirk Wheel.Alan Forester, who works for the British Water Ways, told us about Ronald Rae. He is a sculptor and some of his carvings are at The Wheel. When we saw one of his sculptures of a bison we all tried to lift it but we had no luck. Alan took us up to the Union Canal and told us about Burke and Hare and about them murdering people. This is how they did it!!! Alan took us to Prospect Hill Tunnel. The tunnel was over half a mile long. It was so dark that we had to take torches. We all went to the Industrial Estate. We played Canalphabet Snoop. Then we went to see the small kelpies. They were cool. We went to the Falkirk Wheel
to plant hawthorn trees. They
can be seen today at anytime. We went to Callander Woods. We did an
activity about the trees and how
everything was connected to them. Then we had a little walk and we made our memory sticks.
Walk 6 was the best walk. We started at the entrance of the Falkirk Wheel then we trecked up to Roughcastle Fort then down to the cafe to have lunch. Alan got us tickets to go on a barge around the Wheel. When we got back down we went to the Irn-bru Park.
This is us on the barge ready to go
->>->>->>->>->>->>->>->>->> We learned about the lock gates and how they worked. We also learned that the canals were man-made.We've been doing this project for about 3 months.
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