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Biology from Mark

No description

Mark Karuzski

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Biology from Mark

What ? A heart patient's own skin cells soon could be used to repair damaged cardiac tissue thanks to pioneering stem cell Where ? Texas When ? March 2, 2010 Benefits ? It's treatments for Alzheimer's, diabetes, muscular dystrophy and many other diseases. Limitations ? - What ? The researchers said their findings could aid in development of treatments for cannabinoid drug abuse. Where ? - When ? March 27, 2008 Benefits ? Cells are involved in the neural machinery of pain perception and learning and memory, the findings could help in understanding those processes, said the researchers. Limitations ? We don’t know if this is reliable source of information, and it could be life threatening What ? This means that a man with many brothers is more likely to have sons, while a man with many sisters is more likely to have daughters. Where ? Newcastle University When ? December 11, 2008 Benefits ? This is that we can predict our thoughts. Limitations ? We can't be so sure about that because
some times it can be not true What ? Bone, cartilage, fat, muscle, or neuronal cells, could survive by obtaining oxygen and nutrients, with the result that rates of cell differentiation and regeneration would improve.” Where ? Kyoto University School of Medicine When ? December 4, 2007 Benefits ? “This success may be a further step in developing artificial nerves.” Limitations ? Using own skin cells to repair hearts on horizon New brain cells implicated in machinery of cannabinoid signaling Boy or girl?
It's in the father's genes Bone marrow cell transplants help nerve regeneration Thanks for watching
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