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taylor teel

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of publicity

The giving out of information about a product,person,or company for advertising or promotional purposes.
Definition of

Posters, school newspapers, magazines and the internet are some examples of publicity.
Publicity After
Rehearsals Starts
The Publicity Crew is Responsible for...
1.Communicating with the director concerning policy and procedures on releasing news to the media.
2.Publicizing the performance and organizing an advertising campaign.
3.As soon as the cast is announced, start advertising your campaign.
Before one of the early rehearsals, your director will help you organize a photograph session, with the photographer.
All pictures should make everyone who sees it want to be in the audience.
After rehearsals begin, prepare some stories and photos to release into the local or school newspaper.
What Do You Need to Publicize ?
the name of the play
Where is it at
What is the date/time
What is the price
It is important for the publicity crew to remove all advertisements or posters after the final performance.
After the Performance
Make an Announcement
Try using reminders or short announcements the week the tickets go on sale.
A photo call of the actors are usually closer to the dress rehearsals
The photos taken at the sessions can be used as opening night photos or lobby displays.
Photo Calls
To show appreciation to businesses who helped promote the production, letters should be sent.
Thank You !
Plays,and scenes are sometimes copied and reworded to keep crowds coming to see the performance

Visual Aid Option- Poster for a play
Project Choices
Written Option-written announcement
Performance Option-a play or skit
In a group of 2 create a visual aid by illustrating a poster for your favorite play. Be sure to give descriptions, examples, and illustrations.
By yourself write an opening statement for your schools play. When you are finished, practice your statement with a classmate.
Create a skit in a group of 4 about the steps an advertiser may use in publicizing a play. Be sure
to include why you think that publisher would take those steps.

Design choices
15 Ways NOT To Act At A Play
30 reasons
NOT to be
in a play
by Alan Haehnel
Respect the actors that are on the stage. They have worked very hard on this play for you.Enjoy the show!

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