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Technology - Graphics

No description

Lindsey Stevenson

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology - Graphics

Technology - Graphics Lindsey Stevenson Brand names and logos are very important for the way products are sold. People pay more for well known and popular brands than brands that are unheard of.
We had two tasks in this unit: The first task is to designing a logo for our own range of clothing and to design a swing tag to go with the brand we are creating. The second task is to make a media design folio using prezi. We have to show our design process. Design Brief Some Design Limitations for this task are time, skill level, and materials. Time could be a limitation if I missed a lesson or didn't work very effectively. I would then be behind and this would be reflected in my work. My skill level could be a limitation if I wanted to do something but didn't know how. The materials I have to work with. If wanted to do something that was beyond the programs and materials that I have to work with, it would affect my final product. I would only be able to do a part of my original idea. People being held up or away is a limitation as it means that I am unable to ask questions or get required materials. Design Limitations P = The font is good
M = The lid is too square and thick
I = The way the lid is darker than the actual jar P = The ink jar is more rounded
M = The shape of the jar still is not rounded enough
I = The quill coming out of the jar P = The writing is really good
M = The highlight on the jar does not look real
I = The way the bottom of the jar has a rim as
well as the top P = The feather is good
M = The highlight on the
jar does not look real
I = The jar comes to a
bit of a point at the top P = The shape of the jar is
really good
M = The writing is not as
good as the writing on the
third logo
I = The shading on the
jar looks better than the
highlights P = The picture on the front is good
M = The writing on the back is too squashed up
I = The way not all of the picture of the inkwell
is there P = The bow is cool
M = The logo on the front is not as good
I = The shape is rounded P = The circle shape is nice
M = it might be too big
I = The whole logo is on the front P = The lining around the edge looks good
M = The shape is the same as lots of other swing
I = The The logo is on a tilt P = The Lining looks good not filled in
M = It is too small
I = The logo on the front is different to the others I could attach this using ribbon or brown string. I would use ribbon to attach this swing tag. Sow the end over to stop it from fraying. I would attach this using ribbon. Sow the end over to stop it from fraying. Use an eyelet. I would attach it with some brown string/rope. I would attach it with brown rope/string. Use an eyelet. technology Some criteria for the success of my design are that it has to function well, have good aesthetics, an appropriate scale, good ergonomics, ethical use of images and having a good knowledge of the programs I am using.
My swing tag has to work, for example it has to show the price otherwise it is pointless and doesn't do its job.
The swing tag has to be eye catching, and the style of it has to match the product my logo is for.
The scale or size has to be appropriate to fit on my product and to be readable.
It has to be able to interact well with whoever is looking at, and reading it. Criteria for Success Investigating Labelling Requirements for Clothing there needs to be a true description of goods and where they were made.
provides a factual description of the nature of the goods.
the trade description must be in English and easy to read.
it must displayed prominently.
any logo or other information must not contradict this description.
suppliers must make sure that there are adequate and relevant care instructions, including water temperature, drying instructions and ironing instructions. Possible Brand Names honeycombe
whipped cream
inkwell chosen name is Inkwell I think that my my design met the design brief and criteria for success well. I was successful and got my logo and swing tag finished on time. However some things (such as not being able to get the required iron on paper) kept me from being able to hand it in on the due date. I worked through the design process and changed a few things in my design. I changed the front of the ink bottle because it looked too plain without the label I added. I also changed the design on the feather to make it look more interesting.
Once I got the hang of the program illustrator, it wasn't too hard. It was tricky to work out how to colour the ink bottle when it was made of more than one shape. I think that the best features of my design are the way that it isn't perfect with clean lines, it is sketchy with black outlines. Design Evaluation
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