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patients appointment scheduling

No description

asma gh

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of patients appointment scheduling

reason of chose patients appointment scheduling App
project Objectives
why we chose android system ?
Task duration , and where we are now ?
Project Constraint and Project Requirements
System design "by flowchart "
Introduction :
Android is a software for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications.
The Android SDK provides the tools necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the
programming language.

So we decided to build a new system to help patients in order to make registration in clinic and other processes simple as possible .

Outline :
patients appointment

Team Members:
Asma Ali Al-ghamdi

Hajer khaled al-shareef

Ahlam mohammed alchloi
Dr.Salwa Serag

why android system?
To overcome the problem exists in the previous system.
To management patients records in an easy and efficient way.
Let patient add appointment from anywhere and anytime.
Reduce the efforts and errors occurred before.
Let patient review his/her appointments from anywhere and anytime.
objectives :

This days when the patient wants to go to any clinic and register in an appointment he/she must go to receptionist and choose the clinic and the doctor he/she wants
this is hard because it’s routine process where the patient needs to look for the available dates for each doctor and he/she must wait if there are many patients this processes take time and efforts.
So we suggest a mobile application using android technology !

why is not IOS
Task duration and dependencies
Project Constraints:
Functional Requirements
Receptionist Functional Requirements:

The Receptionist should be able to :
view all appointments
approve appointment
cancel appointment.
search in
change password

Patient Functional

The Patient should be able to :
add appointment.
modify his/her appointments.
view his/her appointments.
cancel his/her appointments.
view doctor appointments.
change password.

Use-case diagram
System Class Diagram
Login Sequence Diagram
Change Password Sequence Diagram
Entity Relationship Diagram
System Entity Relationship Diagram

System use case
System Class Diagram
System Sequence Diagram
Android is open source environment "codes are free to the developers "
Android devices is cheaper than Apple's devices
Google Android users are more than others
Android app developers earned more than Apple's developers
by the result and scientific research we conclude that :

system design by flowchart
1-patients suffering from the traditionally way of reservation appointments like calling by phone or holding on line in the reception area
2-doctors also "specially doctors who own their own clinics "will gain an advantages by using our app themselves , the app will organize there timetable in very efficient way
3-from a strategic view ; our app will change the health care environment in this filed . the need for human help will decreased in the future
4- after the current technical development it will be possible to all segments of society to use mobile application with smooth and easy way
Thank you
Where we are and future work
We get start our project using Incremental Model
After that we started from project initialization and problem recognition, after that we got start with the system requirements and system analysis.
After completing the previous step we did a database design and database relationship.
In next semester
we will do the system implementation where we will divide it to two main steps: 1-Screen Design 2-System Code
After complete our project we have last process which is system
testing to insure our system working in right way.
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