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The 30 Minute Marketing Plan

Get leads. Get found. Close deals. Using inbound marketing tactics with a reality marketing driven strategy will help you do just that. In just 30 minutes, Keiles will have you asking "Why aren't we doing this already?"

Eric Keiles

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of The 30 Minute Marketing Plan

Finally Warning! The 30-Minute Marketing Plan You might have to move out of your comfort zone to accept this type of marketing! we apologize in advance... What Questions Do You Want Answered Today? A New Era Begins Tools we didn't have in 2001:
Video (YouTube)
PR Newswire
Twitter, Pinterest
Web 2.0 (blogs)
Yelp, TripAdvisor
Craig's List Changing The Way You Market Eric Keiles Square 2 Marketing "My marketing isn't working and I don't know why?!?" Understanding Buyer Behavior Question:

How Would You Go About Choosing A New Vendor? Question:

Why Would You Assume Your Prospects Are Behaving Any Differently? Old School vs. New School Mass Media

Advertising: Tv, Billboards, Print Campaigns, Radio, Telemarketing, Trade Shows, SPAM -Interruptive
-Big Budget
Low ROMI Reality Marketing

Search: Videos, eBooks, White Papers, Tip Sheets, Educational Webinars, Mobile Websites, Email Marketing -Permission Based
-Modest Budget
-High ROMI "Guided" Sales & Marketing Guide Us, Don't Sell Us The Reality Marketing Sales Funnel Question:

What percentage of your sales and marketing efforts is "sales" and what percentage is "marketing"? Begin To Make The Switch Reality Marketing Five- Point Marketing Check: Quantifiable
Prospect- Focused
Goal Oriented
Remarkable The RED and BLUE Test NO! YES! It's about them, not you! Set Marketing Goals Revenue Goal: Go from $10MM this year to $12MM next year
Average Engagement Size: $25,000
Close Rate: 50% -Revenue increase of $2MM divided by $25,000 means we need 80 new clients.
-At a 50% close rate, we need 160 quotes and proposals to get 80 new clients
-Need to generate 400-600 contacts to get 160 opportunites (rule of thumb: 3/5x) Your Job:

Find Ways To Position Your Company As Remarkable The Challenge Of Being Remarkable: "You are never going to believe this! The builder of our new home puts a webcam on our site so we can watch the progress of our new home construction!

You gotta check it out on their website ..." Marketing in 2013 ...
There's good news and bad news Question:

What was the typical American breakfast in 1940? Average of 63 choices of breakfast options! Three- Step Marketing The way it used to be: The way it is now: Advertising Sale Marketing Sale Provide Free Resources and Build the Marketing Machine Database KNOW, LIKE & TRUST The Reality Marketing Sales Funnel Why Couldn't This Be You? Nine years ago, when the dot-com bubble collapsed, the idea of a single man using great content, social media and search engine optimization to build a New Jersey liquor store into a $60-million-a-year business in the course of two years would have been absurd.

Yet that's exactly what Gary Vaynerchuck has done since he launched Wine Library TV in 2006. This is the power of Inbound Marketing Square 2 Marketing's Seven Steps To Using Reality Marketing 1. Narrow Your Focus
2. Understand The Pains Of Your Target Market
3. Develop Your Company's Unique Solutions
4. Create A "No Risk" Offer To Get Them Involved
5. Create A Marketing Machine
6. Talk To Them Regularly
7. Plan It in Advance Reality Marketing
Improvement #1: Write down three ways your company is "Remarkable"
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