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Evan's prezi

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Evan's prezi

i'm very spoiled and have aton of free time. My grampa got told what to do and had very little free time.
grampa me
my house is huge and very fun. my grandpas house was alot more boring and a bit bigger than oures
our alikes and diferences
We boulth loved soda and kit kat's we boulth loved to work and clime trees but there was one thing that grandpa loves that i would never like and that is spinege pie. I hate that wierd talting thing.
our family's
my family is a bit cool when we mess up, my grandpa's family was never calm espicaly in sports. When you messed up in sports you got slaped up side the head.
our chores
I don't do much chores at all. All I do is play all the time. My grandpa had to do a ton of chores and had to do them idmeatly.
hard times
my life isn't hard at all and in fact it is very easy. One the other hand my grandpa got whiped if he didn't do what he had to do.
our food
I had nice food and is very picky. My grandpa ate bread and milk for brackfast ,lunch,&dinner.
Back in my day EVAN
grampa me

Why were different and alike.
me and my grandpa are very different and have very different families. But we like lot's of the same things like Kit Kats, basketball, skiing and lot's of other things.
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