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We Should Hang Out Sometime

No description

Jeanine Nguyen

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of We Should Hang Out Sometime

"I looked at myself later that night in the mirror and noticed, somewhat to my surprise, that I looked pretty much the same as I did before. I was still the same person I had been all along, the person I'd always been inside, the one who was always worthy of a relationship, always worthy of love. Being an amputee doesn't make me a fraction of a person. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I am whole just the way I am."
Favorite Passage
Challenging Word
Virginia is Josh's home state and is where most events took place.
The story tells about Josh's love life from freshman year until present day, so the whole novel is scattered around a decade of his teenage years to his mid twenties. For every girl, there is a different setting so the story takes place in many places. Though, since he was still a student for most of the book, Virginia, his home state, is where most things take place. He leaves Virginia when he goes to USC for college. Josh then meets Sasha Wright which lead him to visiting her in Las Vegas for her Miss America pageant. He is now a motivational speaker and travels everywhere.
Josh Sundquist was a fairly awkward lad that didn't have a girlfriend for the first quarter of his life. He never gives up and is very determined, yet he is very hesitant and doesn't like to take risks. Throughout the story, he loses the girls' interests in him by waiting too long and not telling them he likes them. He never had the guts to tell the girls he liked them, so they assumed he didn't like them. Unfortunately for Josh, he later found out that three of the seven girls he had liked, liked him back, but he never made his move. He could've had three girlfriends!
Josh Sundquist
We Should Hang Out Sometime
By: Josh Sundquist
An important value that Josh showed was he didn't let his amputated leg stop him from doing anything. He never used his disability as an excuse for anything. With an amputated leg, Josh did everything an average person could do, and he didn't say no to anything. He went onto the Paralympics. He was an elite athlete, a world ranked ski racer. He went to parties and danced just like any other person would. When he was nominated prom king, he managed to walk up the stairs to the stage when he could have stayed on the floor while they announced the nominees and winners. Walking up stairs with one real leg and one artificial leg was not easy for him, but he didn't let it stop him. Now, Josh travels everywhere with his one leg, crutches, and sometimes with his artificial leg to give motivational speeches all around the country.
Important Value/Ethic
"I went to the mall to do some last minutes Christmas shopping, and I happened to run into her in front of Bath & Body Works. Even as we hugged hello,
the artificial chemical-based reproductions of mountain breezes and ocean mists wafting in through my nostrils, I felt my blood filling up with adrenaline.
We both are bad at lying and cannot lie.
We don't like to take risks and think twice about our actions.
We don't like to be the first to admit to the other person we like them.
Similaries & Differences
Jeanine Nguyen
Period 3
March 24, 2015

This passage stood out to me because the author is loving and appreciating his own even though his body is a little different than your average person. He is proud of his appearance, and he doesn't let others put him down. I chose this passage because it teaches us that, no matter how you look, you are you, and you should be proud of it.
Definition: (adjective) impossible to pass through or enter.
"She either starts dancing with you, or shrinks away and slips onto a protective enclave of her girlfriends, who will then form an impenetrable circular fortress around her and give you mean looks until you back off."
Ex/ The impenetrable security guard was like the gate to the White House, nobody could get through.
(Sundquist speaking at a college for College Go Week)
I chose an alarm clock to represent Josh because he waited too long to tell the girls he liked them. I specifically chose a ringing alarm clock because it shows that he should have told the girls that he liked them right then since they liked him back. If Josh didn't wait so long he could have scored himself a few girlfriends throughout his high school and college career.
Symbol for Josh: Alarm Clock
9 to 25 years old
Shenandoah National Park (Sarah Stevens)
Harrisonburg, Virginia (Sarah Stevens)
Harrisonburg High School (Liza Taylor Smith)
Bath & Body Works in Virginia (Liza Taylor Smith)
A municipal golf course (Francesca Marcelo)
Francesca's House
Karaoke Bar (Lilly Moore)
Los Angeles (Sasha Wright)
University of Southern California (Sasha Wright)
Las Vegas (Sasha Wright)
Local 16 in DC (Ashley Samsonite)
Josh was home schooled until high school, while I always went to public schools.
He finds his old crushes and asks them why they didn't like him, while I would never do that because that is sort of creepy.
Josh grew up in Virginia, and I grew up in California.
The two themes that popped up in my head while reading this were don't wait and take chances and risks. Throughout the story Josh waited and didn't take chances when he should have. Because he didn't take some risks, he lost his chance with three girls. Here are a few examples of when he waited and didn't take chances.
-Josh's conversation with Sasha Wright years later-

" 'You liked me?' I (Josh) asked.
'Of course I liked you.'
'So why didn't you call me?'
'I could as you the same question.'
'I didn't call you because you blew me off. I thought you had started dating someone else or something.'
'Well, you were wrong,' said Sasha." (Page 311)
-He then finds out she is engaged.-
Josh wanted to dance with a girl at his prom's after party, but he was afraid to.
"She either starts dancing with you, or shrinks away and slips into a protective enclave of her girlfriends, who will then form an impenetrable circular fortress around her and give you mean looks until you back off. So the risk of public rejection is very high." (Page 192)
-Josh's conversation with Sarah Stevens years later.-
" 'Yeah, like one time we were going to this retreat together, I wrote about it. We were in the van, and I guess we were playing truth or dare or something and someone asked if I liked you, but you were sitting right there, so I lied and said that I didn't have a crush on you,' confessed Sarah." (Page 43)
If he had told her he liked her, he would have gotten himself an actual girlfriend.
"This is it. It's going to happen. My first kiss. Right now.
That's when it hit me: I was wearing a swimsuit. No underwear. No shirt. What would she think? Would she be grossed out?
'Well, it's getting kind of late,' I said, glancing up at the dimming afternoon sky.
Her body jumped involuntarily, as if started." (Page 123)
They were going in for a kiss, but Josh didn't take the chance because he thought she wouldn't like it.
Jeanine Nguyen vs. Josh Sundquist
"I had always wondered how it would feel to have a girlfriend - to know that a certain girl liked me and that I liked her, too. And now there I was, twenty-five years old, and I had still never had a girlfriend.
Maybe it was with me, the package. Maybe girls just weren't attracted to me."
This can connect to me because sometimes I do wonder what it would be like to have a boyfriend or even just have someone like me. Just like Josh, I sometimes wonder if there's something about me that guys don't like. Boys never really tell me they like me so I assume they don't, and I'm completely fine with that. Although, I never tell boys that I find them attractive either, so I might be like Josh and make a mistake by not telling them. However, we
only in eighth grade so no need to worry about boys.
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