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How to write a opinion peice

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ian atkinson

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of How to write a opinion peice

How to write an opinion piece Step 1: make sure your opinion is clear at the end of your opinion paragraphs the reader should know what your topic was and not have to be guessing. step 5: make sure you fully understand the question so that you don't write on the wrong topic and what you should provide in your answer. Step 2: make sure you do the proper opinion paragraph format which includes a introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Step 3: step 4: make sure you edit your opinion piece so that the reader can understand the what you are saying.eg: proper punctuation, stay focused on the question, use personal things from your life rather than made up facts. make sure you jot down your opinion and your examples for your opinion so you don't have to make it up while your writing and possibly go off topic because your not sure what your gonna say. when writing your opinion piece make sure it is the proper length it should fill in most of the lines that you get. draw a t-chart showing points for and points against the reason and which ever topic has more points for it should be the one you write about that way you can have more things to write about. when writing the topic sentence you should make it catchy so that it catches the readers attention. use transition words such as in addition, also, and for example. when writing the conclusion write it in a different way then the topic sentence. be specific, write only about one specific issue at a time. make up facts that relate to the story. eg. names, dates, facts, numbers. put your main argument first don't bury ur main argument at the end of the piece.
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