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Amelia Mask Career Shadowing

Amelia Mask 5th period Estate Finds

Amelia Mask

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Amelia Mask Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing I Career Shadowed Sam Hazell. He is an Estate Sales Representative. The purpose of his career is to assists people who need to sell household contents or any "estate" items. They have liquidated items of companies and corporations. (cars, boats, anything of value.) Where will this company be in 15 years? This business is dependent on the owner to maintain operation. In 15 years this company could not even be in business it all depends on where the owner stands in time. What employability skills are used in this career? The employability skills you need to have while working in this company are communication skills, hardwork, and determination. What is the average salary of this business? My uncle works part time for this company, so his average salary is anywhere From 10- 20 thousand annually What education is needed? A two year business degree is helpful in the successful operation of the business but equally important is the ability to continue learning and gain experience in a changing environment. What technology is used in this career? Technology in this career is resource references online as well as print media. What skills are needed in this career? Salesmanship, courtesy, sensitivity in relating to people who may be dealing with a personal loss. Would you pursue a career in this company? I would pursue a career in this company because it would be interesting to research the value of antiques and items collected by individuals. What did you like best about this career? What i liked the most about this career was evaluating peoples personal property, and seeing the different varieties of items people choose to collect. What did you dislike about this career? What I disliked the most about this career is your salary is dependent on how many sales you complete a year. You have no set income. Basically you have to create a reputation for yourself in order to generate business.
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