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Dyslexia Project :)

Garrett Williams& Graham Rivenbark :)

Garrett Williams

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Dyslexia Project :)

Dyslexia: A genetic trait a reading disability resulting from the inability to process graphic symbols What are the symptoms of Dyslexia? The symtoms of Dyslexia are: delays in speech, letter reversal or mirror writing, slow or inaccurate reading , and difficulty with time keeping and concept of time when doing a certain task. How is the disorder inherited? What chromosome is the gene carried on? Is the disorder a chromosome number disorder? Is it sex-linked? Is it Dominant or Recessive? Dyslexia is inherited from one of your carrier parents. The gene is carried on the short arm of Chromosome I8, but is not a chromosomal disorder. It has not been proven yet that Dyslexia is sex-linked or not. Dyslexia is a Dominant Trait. At what age does this disorder first come evident? Dyslexia is a disorder that can appear in any stage in your life, but it usally occurs in early development of learning. Between the ages of 6-I8. Is the disorder varibly expressed? Does the enviroment or other genes affect how this disorder is expressed? What are the varibles that affect how this disorder before is expressed? This disorder is expressed in many ways such as: Lack of reading effectivally, mispronouncing words, or visualizing words or letters backwards. The enviroment that surrounds the person with the disorder sometimes effects them, such as working under pressure. There are some varible that effect the disorder like the one listed before (working under pressure). Can the disorder be detected before birth? If so how? Dyslexia can only be detected after birth. But recently, doctors a new meethod by testing patients right after birth. Can parents be tested to see if they are carriers? You can get tested for dyslexia if you are a parent carrier. You have to be genetically tested by a doctor. Because if your a carrier, you show no symptoms of it, and with dyslexia its a physical trait. Can the enviroment be altered to affect the expression of this disorder? If so, how would you change the enviroment? What is the treatment for this disorder? There is no medical treatment for Dyslexia. Theres only a physical treatment which is to practice educational stragities on how to read. What is the cost for treating the disorder? The cost for treatment can range from 50-23,00$ How does the disorder affect the rest of the family? It affects the family in mayn different ways. In one way, they have to take extra time to help you study for school durring there buisy schedules. Then they might have to pay for tutoring for you. Also they have to struggle to put you through school and college (Which means paying more for college).
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